1. a beer brewed at home
2. any of a number of creations or modifications by an individual or group on an amature level at home
"thats a nice mod to your car"
"thank you, it's homebrew"
by drewQ December 07, 2005
A ROM that created by unoffical programmers and load to video game flash card. Most homebrews are free. Homebrew ROMs can be a game , application, image viewer, drawing application, text editor and more.
Look, it's my homebrew PSP Porn Storage! LOL!
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 16, 2008
A Male friend, Similar to HomeSkillet, Homefry & Homedawg
Guy1: What's up ma Homebrew?

Guy2: Sup
by CreepyJ August 21, 2013
Homebrew is the name for un-signed code that can be run on a PSP System.
BOBBY:"Look at this new homebrew i found, im gonna put it on my PSP now!"
JACKY:"Cool thats some good homebrew app!"
by mupet0000 March 10, 2006
A word used to describe a male friend, not of the gay variety
Packie: Hey John
John: sup ma homebrew
Packie: hahaha what?
by jaekelly1992 December 08, 2009
1. Another name for amateur pornography. Usually pictures/videos you have taken of your ex girl/boy friends.
"Ok guys, anymore homebrew posted on Something Awful will get you banned"
by smurf June 08, 2007
any kind of alcohol/poison that you brew under your bed and hope that your parents don't find it
Me: I got some homebrew brewing under my bed
Friend: If you don't die, can I have some?
Me: You can pay for it
Friend: OK then
by rimthedruid March 06, 2007

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