Up and coming Chinese American rapper who took a bullet for fellow Chinese rapper and friend Jin tha MC in a Manhattan bar called Yello.
LS and Jin have recorded a few tracks together including "Chinatown".
by chinkgobiloba April 14, 2004
a Lexus LS
cruzin in the LS
by BC Bloody November 16, 2003
(pl. noun) Shorthand for drivers licence.
I can't wait till I get my Ls.
by QZKotl January 15, 2004
Stands for "Light Source" - a.k.a. cigarette lighter.
Who stole my fucking LS?
by Ty Webb April 09, 2003
LS stands for Life Story, it can be used to shut someone up when they are chatting on about somethin 4 ages, or used as a name for those who indulge in the crime.
Tony: "blah blah blah"
Dave: LS!


Dave: "where's LS?'
Dave 2: "probably givin the samaritans his LS"
by Hevinator May 10, 2005
Short for Alice.
LS In Chains is so hot.
by Mr. Potato April 10, 2004
Loss. In regard to win/loss ... to "take an L" is to "fail"
Ex: I took another "L" last night, got kicked out the club
Ex: Yung Berg got his chain snatched? Dude stay takin "L's"
Ex: Rihanna gave me herpes. Smashin raw, FTL
by YEUPP February 21, 2009

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