Laughing softly. To laugh gently, almost as if chuckling.
Laughing softly, as in it wasn't so funny, so i just laughed softly instead of laughing out loud. LS
by Pica piedra June 27, 2010
to be in a state of love sickness
i think i have ls for him/her
by 9876756 December 10, 2007
LS stands for Long Story, it can be used to shut someone up when they are chatting on about somethin 4 ages, or used as a name for those who indulge in the crime.
Tony: "blah blah blah"
Dave: LS!


Dave: "where's LS?'
Dave: "probably givin the samaritans his LS"
by HEVtheKIEV May 04, 2005
Short for long story.
dOuChEbAg232: dood you fuckd a mailbox??? o.O

by Sue Doe Nymm June 03, 2009
Mean "List" in Terminal for Mac OS X

Last login: Day Month Time
Macintosh:~ youraccountnickname$ ls
,jnj Tim2
Applications Untitled
CT ct2
Desktop dwhelper
Desktop.flv file
Documents hello
Downloads hi
file file
Library src
MMS stuff
Movies test.txt
Music tim3
Pictures file
Public youraccountnickname-1.moved-aside
Sites untitled.c
Tim untitled.h
Macintosh:~ youraccountnickname$

by Tim5216 September 06, 2008
Up and coming Chinese American rapper who took a bullet for fellow Chinese rapper and friend Jin tha MC in a Manhattan bar called Yello.
LS and Jin have recorded a few tracks together including "Chinatown".
by chinkgobiloba April 14, 2004
a Lexus LS
cruzin in the LS
by BC Bloody November 16, 2003

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