L.S. stands for low shit. usually something embarrasing that you're supposed to keep on the low, but shit you gotta let it out and tell the world!!!
L.S.!!!! that boy took a shit on himself in class last week.
by nigga_frmthaeast October 04, 2009
When somebody's in love or really likes you
by Fatty12 November 09, 2013
Lithgow stare

The art of staring at some one without them being aware
or staring down an object in a pensive slightly aggressive manner.

The action consists of wide open eyes, closed mouth almost pursing your lips and an outstretched extended neck.

Originated in the N.S.W. country town of Lithgow by a couple of young hardcore punks.
"Wow that chick just Ls'd the shit out of you"

"man i just Ls'd my nan"
by wolverine fennell September 25, 2011
Stands for learning support and is what you call somebody when they say or do something really stupid.
Steve: "Why does the sun look like it's on fire?"
Dave: "Because it is you LS guy!!!"
by Banterman69 March 04, 2015
little secret or gossip about someone
first person: shhhhhh! lisa fight with stacy.

second person: bitch sit down. she always tryna get the ls on somebody.
by nnnnnnnnnnnbaeeeeby! May 07, 2010
Stands for Long Story Short.
When my wife is jabbering on about something I dont care about, I tell her L.S.S.

Hurry up and get to the point without the boring details.
by The Zeppelin January 15, 2005
laughing silently~ instead of lol use ls
friend: i just tripped and fell on my face
me: ls
friend: thats not funny
by nyobbs November 30, 2013

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