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A super smart awesome genius. And no, Elton isn't synonymous with gay. No.
Duude. You got a 100 on that test? Y U SO ELTON
by gfagfafagafadfgahgjhjjhdghd September 03, 2012
A scientific unit of measurement properly associated with the yagometer. An Elton is a unit of measurement of yag/homoness. Eltons are based on a scale of 10, Ten being extremely flamming, in other words uncannily similar to elton john

1) By default, European men clock in at approximately 2.5 eltons.

2) Ma'am your gay baby, according to the yagometer, has a yagometric reading of 5.5 eltons.

- Disclaimer: To all you cool gay people out there you know I got love for you, N/H
by Ronzula May 26, 2008
An intellectually gifted person, who is extremely kind, loving and caring. He seems to always be in the right place at the right time. He always seem to focus on self-improvement and is always getting more good looking and smarter. He also had a dark side which very few have experienced, but when you see it all hell breaks loose.
OMG, he just pulled off an Elton.

Wow that's so Elton like.
by Retrogamer May 01, 2016
another word for a dude who's gay.
Joe: Wanna play go fish?

Bob: Dude, you're so elton!
by Bad Ass Man October 27, 2005
when using the word bummer you might say
'its like elton john- a big bummer'
so just sue the term elton.
can also mean gay.
'you cant go the party? what an elton!'
by *Milla* July 10, 2008
Someone who sings bad impressions of Elton John. They are also known as Gunoungs.
Elton: Fuck you, Barry Bonds sucked my dick.
Someone: Haha, way to miss opening day you fuckhead.
Elton: Mmmm, yes.
Elton: THIS IS YOUR SONG. (in bad tone)
by Kazan April 01, 2005
Male homo, like Elton John.
DId you see that dude at the Gin Blossoms concert, what an Elton.
by Ill mon April 26, 2007
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