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The most hilarious guy you'll ever meet. He's the guy from IT that you hate loving. Always empty your bladder in the restroom prior to speaking to him. All in all a good all around guy.
"Did you wet your pants speaking to Kyle? You must be new."
by BoatFloat June 26, 2013
Kyle is a boy with brown skin, dark curly short brown hair, and is super good at track. like, he should be in the Olympics. Kyle can easily get any girl he wants as fast as snapping his fingers. He is super sexy and is good friends with his family, despite how enormous it is. Kyle is cute. almost to cute...
Girl 1: OMG there is Kyle... he is so cute... <3 <3 D
Girl 2: Better make your move before that girl finds him. /:(
girl 3: Hey Kyle... Whats going on? :D
Kyle: nothing much... :)
Girl 1: Grrrrr........ >:(
by Marley! May 20, 2013
The most wonderful, funny, sweet, and dang cute boy you will ever meet. He is not afraid to click you out of your skis and push you face first down the hill. He has the most stupid, hilarious pranks that you always fall for. He is easy-going, laid back, and has a huge heart. He always makes you smile no matter what. You will never want to lose his friendship.
Kyle: Say slop 10 times fast.

Me: slop slop slop slop slop slop slop slop

Kyle: What do you do at a green light?

Me: Stop!

Kyle: HAHAHA!!!
by thegirlwhogotLoki'dagain December 30, 2012
An amazing, sweet, cute, funny guy (: He can always cheer you up and I love him <3
Kyle can always make me laugh.
by heyyitzmeee December 05, 2011
Kyles the kind of guy who everyone loves. hes funny, sweet af, cute, sexy, nicest kid you'll ever meet. youll fall for him fast cause hes just that amazing. any girl would be lucky to have him. hes fun to talk to & can always keep a conversation going. he'll make you laugh and smile any day any time. & hes just all aound an amzing guy.
by goldengirl1234 December 04, 2011
The best guy ever. He is the greatest guy ever that he can beat up Josh, the guy who kills people with school buses full of children and sometimes puppies.
Hot Babe 1: I love that Kyle!

Hot Babe 2: No I love him!
Hot Babe 3: No Actually I am his girlfriend.
Hot Babes 1-2: ....
Hot Babes 1-2: DAMN YOU I LOVE HIM!!!
by Craigslain October 18, 2011
Kyle is the most amazing guy in the world. God did an amzing thing creating him! He's the total package, cute, adorable, sweet, and most of all he gives the most comforting hugs ever. Any girl could fall for him!
Oh my god it's Kyle, catch me i'm about to faint!
by 12babyiloveyou September 20, 2011