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Kyle, drop-dead-freaking-please-wear-a-hazard-sign-around-your-neck-gorgeous.
basically jkfffg hott.
This boy is tall, and tan with beautiful dirty blonde hair, stunning dark chocolate eyes and the most perfect soft lucious lips!
he is an all around kinda guy.
He likes to hook up and is kind of a player,
but he is an awesome and really great guy
if you want a funny, handsome, really great guy then a kyle is what you want!
i wish i was like kyle...
by xmsksw April 10, 2011
the best cousin ever, hot, sexy, smart, what all girls want
Wow that kid must be a kyle
by aka-me January 16, 2009
(Adj.)Synonyms: Foxy, Influential, Wonderful, Wet.
Oh, damn. He is so Kyle!
by kto859 September 07, 2008
A very outgoing guy, who is a handsome man with style. Usually generous and genuinely nice. Has no pubic hair due to the misplacement, usually located on his head.
Amy: I went out to dinner with a guy last night

Anne: what was he like?
Any: he was definitely a Kyle!
by GuidoKyle November 16, 2013
The realest and truest nigga. He may think he's the blackest on the street.. but he isn't. He is a beast at soccer and is a true homie. He's the nicest, sweetest kid in the world. He'll be the best boyfriend and treat his girl like no other guy would. Any girl that has him is lucky af cause he's the best and you can never stay mad at him for more than 5 minutes. If you get the chance to have a kyle don't ever give him up cause he's truly special.
Damn is that Kyle? I wish i could be him.
by Meggan Foxx February 20, 2014
Huge wiener and had a wood chip smelling nut sack
Casey wish's his wiener was as big as Kyle's
by Dndsld March 19, 2014
Nice and very easy to talk to. You can trust a Kyle with everything. He isn't very demanding and can be a HUGE flirt. Over all, hes almost perfect <3
"Can i trust you like I would Kyle?"
by Genesis1813123456789 November 08, 2011