to be so awesome and to have a big penis
my friend kyle is awesome
by toppkat420 October 15, 2011
2.Beautiful perfect hair
3.supper pretty eyes
4.sweet and loving always missed
6. has tennis ball muscles
Look at that! he's got BEAutiful Kyle hair! Even the girls are jealous!!
by grace1194 May 31, 2011
Kyle is the type of guy you can trust, but never give him your heart because he'll toy with it. Kyle's tend to be major procrastinators. On the bright side, Kyle's are usually extremely good look, sexy, and they like to strip. Kyle's always say very sweet things. Whenever a Kyle is in love, he (possibly she-who knows) takes his time, but sometimes "his time" seems to last forever. Overall Kyle's are great people who are somewhat easy to love.
That guy is such a Kylel; he's so sexy!
by Bwild4eva April 15, 2011

The most understanding, caring, patient, loving and gorgeous husband in the world who will do anything for his wife at anytime!

My husband cleaned the house, did the grocery shopping, folded the laundry and made dinner all before I got home. After dinner, he rubbed my feet! He is such a Kyle.
by Barbicakes May 22, 2008
kyle, the best friend anyone could ask for. he is extremely loyal and very caring. sometimes has humor that is hard to understand. he will always be there for you when it counts. defends family and friends. when you meet a kyle never lose him... because that would be the worst mistake you could ever make. hes the best brosef ever
girl 1: hey I heard you and your boyfriend broke up.
girl 2: yeah but kyle was there for me while I cried.
by mj shane October 08, 2013
The most hilarious guy you'll ever meet. He's the guy from IT that you hate loving. Always empty your bladder in the restroom prior to speaking to him. All in all a good all around guy.
"Did you wet your pants speaking to Kyle? You must be new."
by BoatFloat June 26, 2013
The most wonderful, funny, sweet, and dang cute boy you will ever meet. He is not afraid to click you out of your skis and push you face first down the hill. He has the most stupid, hilarious pranks that you always fall for. He is easy-going, laid back, and has a huge heart. He always makes you smile no matter what. You will never want to lose his friendship.
Kyle: Say slop 10 times fast.

Me: slop slop slop slop slop slop slop slop

Kyle: What do you do at a green light?

Me: Stop!

Kyle: HAHAHA!!!
by thegirlwhogotLoki'dagain December 30, 2012

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