(Adj.)Synonyms: Foxy, Influential, Wonderful, Wet.
Oh, damn. He is so Kyle!
by kto859 September 07, 2008

The most understanding, caring, patient, loving and gorgeous husband in the world who will do anything for his wife at anytime!

My husband cleaned the house, did the grocery shopping, folded the laundry and made dinner all before I got home. After dinner, he rubbed my feet! He is such a Kyle.
by Barbicakes May 22, 2008
Kyle is someone who gets all the girls, but when he finds the right one he treats her like a princess. He is super cute, handsome, sexy and hot and a good kisser. He is smart and funny. He will marry a beautiful girl and give her the world. Kyle is a name that any girl would pick for her dream guy. He doesnt show his feelings alot, but when he does its great and meaningful. He is great at sex and can make it romantic and amazing for you. He has the body of a GOD. Kyle is a wonderful name and will create miracles in your life. If you ever come accross a Kyle, dont let him go. He will be so easy to fall in love with but so hard to fall out of love with his sweet charm and good looks.
friend: "Who is that hot boy over there?!"

friend#2:" that must be a Kyle, he is sweet and hot!"
by sunnyday­čî× May 14, 2015
The most hilarious guy you'll ever meet. He's the guy from IT that you hate loving. Always empty your bladder in the restroom prior to speaking to him. All in all a good all around guy.
"Did you wet your pants speaking to Kyle? You must be new."
by BoatFloat June 26, 2013
A guy who tends to be cocky and seems very self confident but is actually quite a shy guy. Good at collecting dirt on people but he won't use it unless betrayed or hurt. Very loyal, honest, trust worthy and kind. Smart guy with a good sense of humour and gets along well with girls, although he tends to see them as sisters rather than romantic interests. Charismatic and tall, not tied to any set race. A great friend.
Friend: I'm not sure if I should tell you...

Kyle: C'mon, would I seriously tell anyone? I already have enough dirt on you anyway, i'm not gonna use it.

Friend: True... okay.
by phoenixblitz February 13, 2013
a call of duty black ops camper who pisses off people like trevor
oh shit...did you see that kyle just panic knife the shit out of that trevor....

by MYSTERIONxSTUN November 12, 2011
The sweetest and hottest guy (in your eyes). He is funny, sweet, cute, and smart. he may not be perfect to others but he's perfect to you. You will be sure to fall in love with him pretty fast.
"Omg! your boyfriend kyle is so stupid!"
" No he's not. He's perfect...to me" :)
by monkeysrule96 September 30, 2011

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