Kyle is someone who gets all the girls, but when he finds the right one he treats her like a princess. He is super cute, handsome, sexy and hot and a good kisser. He is smart and funny. He will marry a beautiful girl and give her the world. Kyle is a name that any girl would pick for her dream guy. He doesnt show his feelings alot, but when he does its great and meaningful. He is great at sex and can make it romantic and amazing for you. He has the body of a GOD. Kyle is a wonderful name and will create miracles in your life. If you ever come accross a Kyle, dont let him go. He will be so easy to fall in love with but so hard to fall out of love with his sweet charm and good looks.
friend: "Who is that hot boy over there?!"

friend#2:" that must be a Kyle, he is sweet and hot!"
by sunnyday­čî× May 14, 2015
The realest and truest nigga. He may think he's the blackest on the street.. but he isn't. He is a beast at soccer and is a true homie. He's the nicest, sweetest kid in the world. He'll be the best boyfriend and treat his girl like no other guy would. Any girl that has him is lucky af cause he's the best and you can never stay mad at him for more than 5 minutes. If you get the chance to have a kyle don't ever give him up cause he's truly special.
Damn is that Kyle? I wish i could be him.
by Meggan Foxx February 20, 2014
Is a guy that is truly the best man on the face of the earth. He can seem to give off a tough guy outside to some but he really is a total teddy bear with her especially. He knows how to treat a girl like a queen. He is loving, sweet, smart, funny, honest, generous, and trust-worthy. He is adorably cute and handsome. He is loved by a girl that is so lucky to have him and cant wait to be his wife soon. He loves anime and japan which makes him such a cute dork. He likes and has tattoos and piercings that drive his girl wild. He is a guy you can rely on and know he will always be there for you.

Kyle is the guy every girl wishes she could have!

Kyle is the most amazing guy on this planet!
by Sashix3 June 17, 2011
A kyle (noun; female) is someone who (usually) has AMAZING teeth and is defined as a cool girl. The name Kyle means "narrow; strait" which makes sense because kyles are usually thin. Kyles can eat all of your food, but in general a kyle is a forever-hungry, fierce, fab girl. If someone calls u a kyle, it is a good thing.
girl #1: ugh I'm so fat. I just ate 3 handfuls of fries from joe's plate.
girl #2: you are such a kyle!
girl #1: I don't know what to say about that
by superbae13 December 16, 2014
a really sweet guy who is thoughtful but will use you. but because if his charm you won't see his evil. Once you finally understand him he will leave you. He will apologize and be sorry for what he did and you should except his apology because he learned and will be a better person. He is also super cute and lovable.
Jess: Oh my god Kyle used you! I'm not shocked!
Beth: he used me to get pussy tit and ass pics!
Jess: I told you to be careful with kyles!
by poopnard022 August 22, 2014
Huge wiener and had a wood chip smelling nut sack
Casey wish's his wiener was as big as Kyle's
by Dndsld March 19, 2014
kyle (female name; noun) is the cool girl most boys want. She usually has GREAT teeth and she is always there for you. She is fierce when it comes to food, so watch out cuz she might grab for your fries! Basically, you HAVE to find a kyle because she is the most FABULOUS girl you can find.
boy: mmmm these french fries are the bomb.

kyle: *grabs handful of fries* YUM!
boy: kyle!!!! aww I can't stay mad at u!
by superbae13 December 16, 2014

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