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Verb: To examine in more detail, to take a closer look at.
Me: 'Yo, let's go scope out those honeys over there!'
You: 'Okay.'

Me: 'Jones, go scope out that position for enemy activity.'
Jones: 'Roger that.'
by Scotty May 10, 2004
To check out. To obtain more information about a particular place or thing.
Sarge: I need recon to scope out what's beyond that hill.
Recon: Yes Sir!
<Mine Blast>
Recon: AAAHH!! Sarge, I can't feel my legs!
Sarge: That's 'cuz.. you ain't got no legs!
by mungx2 May 10, 2004
Used when you're about to go and look at something - to check something out.
"Think I'll scope out that new charity store"
by Ben Rockitt May 10, 2004
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