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When you agree with someones opinion, as if it's the truth about a situation. It's another way of saying Word is Bond.

Made famous by Flatline Records of Jersey City, NJ.
John: Hey Bill im tired of breaking my back working at this low paying job.

Bill: Know That
by Flatline Records October 27, 2008
The term is commonly used at the end of a statement, primarily to emphasize the factual basis of said statement.

It can also be used to educate others of your self-importance or emphasize others' faults.

The term was popularized by Allison Dubois on an episode of the reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Dinner Party from Hell."
Allison: "I have books written on me and by me and television shows based on my life so you can just take a flying leap. Know that."


Jason: "You're an uneducated silly bitch. Know that."
by fobulouswon February 16, 2011
Used when you want to say you agree with someone. Just a shortened 'you know it'. But know it doesn't sound as good :) Also spelled kno: tht, dat & dhat. or know: tht, dat & dhat. Pronounced "know dat"
Tyrone: Corey's girl got him on lock, he stay with her all day, every day.

Tori: Mhmm, know that. she won't let him go.
by Tori-<3 October 04, 2010
to acknowledge ones words or actions, or to inform someone of their new discoveries
Michael-Did you really give her the Angry Dragon?
Ty-Know That!
by thetyty December 12, 2010
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