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The middle name of some American girl I know. It apparently isn't very popular as a first name - shame, really, since it's a lovely name meant to describe the holder as ladylike and gentle. (Ha!)
Some names evoke thoughts of.. unladylike behavior. Name one person named "Gwyneth" who would fit that bill. Enough said.
#gwyneth #gweneth #gwenyth #gwynyth #gwen
by Ijusthadtodoit July 13, 2008
blonde hair blue eyed all american girl. named after gwyneth paltrow the stunning actress. she is very wild and artistic. somebody who has many friends and loves them. she is a beautiful girl with a beautiful bad its not that common.
if every girl was a gwyneth it would give me a reason to wake up!
#happy #pretty #friendly #blonde moments #creative.
by cori joan April 10, 2011
Beautiful name, beautiful girl.

Most people with the name Gwyneth are typically very shy but cool once you get to know them better.

they're also good kissers.
That Gwyneth is hella fine
#beautiful #flawless #fine #cute #shy #kissing
by Flower child December 23, 2014
an incredible girl who can always make you laugh, with the perfect combination stunning blue eyes, constant determination, and pervy humor.
Gwyneth is the most amazing (and attractive) girl I know.
#amazing #hot #stunning #humorous #fantastic
by ET Henderson January 21, 2015
a bubble-headed idiot gushing over a political figue
"We should make him president of the universe so he can pass everything he wants and give everybody free stuff"

"Oh,shut up. Don't be such a gwyneth.
#gwenyth #gwyneth paltrow #blond #political #idiot
by thankyouverymuch October 11, 2014
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