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Slang word for a woman, derived from women that wear pony tails hence the word knob.
Damm shes a fine knob.
by MasterSh December 05, 2006
A dumb fuckhead
Man, Davide is such a knob.
by vespalover April 13, 2009
british slang for penis
"I could eat a knob at night" - Karl Pilkington
by phoebster September 22, 2009
1. A nickname that can be given to someone who is a complete dickhead.

2.instead of callng someone a nob, you stress the silent k. can also be spelt kay nob"
" you are one big k nob"
by krazydave September 13, 2009
A complete numbnut.
Ian keeps astounding us with his ability to be a knob ..
by The marone ramone , July 04, 2013
The turny thing on a door or oven although commonly mistaken for the penis
Person 1) To turn the oven on turn the knob
Person 2) Grabs penis and twists it.
by Anonymous535 October 16, 2012
The male member or a derogatory name for someone behaving inappropriately.

Definitely not to be confused with the word NOB.
Oh goodness me! Would you look at Stroons? What on earth is she talking shit like that for? What an utter KNOB!
by gftc March 02, 2011