Alleged King of Freetown, USA. Employs a poopsmith for reasons best known to himself. Eats only the most fattening of meat by-products.
The King of Town has never said anything funny.
by Upsilon July 19, 2003
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The food crazed king of Freetown, USA. While known for eating any food, is particularly taken with butter. Will munch on anything from a stick of butter to a Butterfinger. Hired the Poopsmith for reasons the rest of the town may never come to understand. Quite frankly three fries short of a happy meal.
'Hey! The king of Town took my Cocoa Butter!
by Erin August 04, 2003
The king of the town that Homestar Runner and his comrades reside in. He is by far the most unpopular person in town. He has his own flock of sheep (or used to, anyway), and eats all kinds of crap. While it is widely believed the the King of Town lives in a smile-faced castle, in reality, he lives in atwo bedroom job next door to Strong Bad. He leases his Weber barbecue to The Cheat for shelter. Rumor has it that he is Marzipan's father, but nothing has been confirmed.
The KING OF TOWN ate his sheep. They were delicious.
by CaPN April 08, 2003
A fictional character who consumes anything and everything edible. See: butter troll
You eat lard straight from the bucket, The King of Town? Wow, you're a real butter troll. Put that frickin' sandwich down.
by Jeth June 05, 2005
the fat king from who likes to eat.
by sega man August 24, 2003
Very uncool fellow, often associated with all things butter, doo hoo hoo
by Trogdor the Burninator March 20, 2003
The King of freetown, USA. He plays Typing tutor 2000, is a total loser, and enjoys drinking "Butter-Da".
They say I shouldn't, but It's too darn tasty!
by Zach G. January 23, 2004
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