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oldman who is hated by all because he's an idiot.
Kingoftown:Oh hello Marzypan i noticed I'm uncool so could you give me a few pointers?
by scott June 15, 2003
Kingoftown:More butter pleasedoohoohoo
by scott June 15, 2003
An enormously fat dude who does nothing but eat. He wears a fake robe and a party city crown and calls himself king of Free Town, U.S.A. Yet, nobody likes him, for he is a loser.
Listen,*cough*, "your highness". We're about to egg the ever-living crap out of your castle, and it just wouldn't be as fun if you're standing right there.

Sure it will. On the count that I'm totally cool.

No you're not.
by Stiffy February 14, 2004
the king of free town usa
by joyrock August 27, 2003