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a sailor man
by joyrock September 09, 2003
the mascot of fluffy puff marshmellows
(i hate that freaking marshmellow)
by joyrock August 26, 2003
the old 1930's version of the cheat
by joyrock August 26, 2003
trogdor was a man then he was a dragon man then he became a dragon. burninating the contry side burninating the peasents.
by joyrock August 27, 2003
the hippie of homstarrunner.com who is homestars girl friend.see kind of reminds me of my friend emma.
by joyrock August 24, 2003
homestars girl friend who a hippie who looks like a mop.I wunder how homestar got a girl friend and not strong bad.
by joyrock August 23, 2003
the king of free town usa
by joyrock August 27, 2003
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