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n. A plumber. So called because poop is the medium in which they work. A metalsmith works with metal, a poopsmith works with poop. See also ppopsmithery
My terlet's all blocked up. Best call the poopsmith.
by Turd Feguson July 01, 2004
316 36
A character on HomeStarRunner.Com who doesn't say anything, he just shovels poo all day.
The Poop Smith really isn't a bad guy, he just has a crappy job.
-Home Star Runner
by Carlito October 18, 2004
38 0
a character from homestarrunner.com that shovels poop for the King of Town
the poopsmith has taken a vow of silence
by V8 March 20, 2004
15 2
one who's job includes working with poop
stinkin poop smith didnt give me my stinkin poop back yet
by Shaniqua Watkins May 21, 2007
6 0
One who defecates or otherwise spreads their feces on the floor, walls, inside elevators and other locations as a maliscious act of vandalism.

Accompanying behavior would include flushing objects down toilet or urinals in the effort to cause damage.
We learned our vandal, a Poopsmith, had struck again once we entered into the Gentlemen's room to be assaulted by the foul stench of the excreta smeared upon the walls.
by Anonymous CoWorker October 23, 2006
73 123
One who is a master of the butt sexing. One "smith" is well-know for his mastery of his tool. Thus, one who is splendid at the butt sex may be deemed a "smith" of "poop".

The term also refers to the butt sex man's ability to extrude lots of "poop" from his partners cornhole, almost as if it where his job to shove his cock up some dude's ass cus its "cool" or something
My boyfriend La-Bamba is quite the poopsmith, he uncorked 3 kilos of "poop" out of me last night!
by Sir Nick July 21, 2006
30 168