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When you're leaning so much on Purple Drank you need a kickstand. The cough syrup gets you so high that it's hard to stand up.
u need that kickstand homie?
by TripleCupper January 12, 2011
When you are banging a 1-legged chick from behind...and after you bust....u kick out that one leg out...and she falls...then you jump around yelling "kickstand kickstand".
I was at a War Amp meeting and hooked up with this hot 1-legged counselor....i bent her over and gave her a kickstand.
by A and J Productions January 25, 2011
a erect penis also known as a "boner".
i woke up in the morning with a mean case of cotton mouth, i rolled over to get a drink of water put i couldent reach it because my kick stand was out !!!!
by stoph September 01, 2004
When your penis is so long, you can lean forward on it and balance yourself like a kickstand.
That boy isn't kickstanding! He can pogostick on that fucking thing!
Same as a Boner, slang term that was used back in the early seventies
When a male gets his first morning hard on while laying on his side in bed which used to be called a kick-stand.
by Sammie Blue Eyes October 08, 2009
An unattractive individual (guy or girl) who always is accompanied by better looking individuals. Meaning they are the "kickstand" that holds up the prize.
That ugly bitch came through with dummy fine females, bitch is a straight kickstand
by RickyDosmil January 14, 2011
When you get a massive rager and roll over on it but it props you up like a kickstand on a bike.
My morning wood this morning acted as a kickstand holding me up
by JDJD6969 February 05, 2013
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