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when you let a hott lady suck on one of your testicles and thats it, till you fall asleep.
i wish that big booty bitch would be shocking the globe.
by Joshee November 26, 2006
when youre having sex with a girl and experience difficulties. so you pull out and allow her to blow on it and then re-insert. similar to an nes game cartridge.
my lady's lag time was taking me on a trip to soft city, so i requested a nintenblow.
by joshee October 08, 2007
when youre lover is 4 or more years younger than you and you slap her in the face with your boner.
i gave my little bitch a baby bruise.
by Joshee November 28, 2006
another word for hot vagina squeezed secretions.
yo, looks like you got some dried up jibbee juice in your mustache.
by Joshee November 28, 2006
when your ladyfriend's labia majora becomes so excited that it puffs up larger than your erection.
When Gina has a puffin puss it makes me feel small as a breakfast sausage.
by joshee October 08, 2007
When you take a Jagr Shot through your urethra.
Charles Barkley performed a slammin' ultimate stingray on me.
by joshee April 12, 2007
a sexual position in which you are pinching a girl's nipples while she's giving you a blowjob.
twiddles gave me a sick ass blowbee jobee this afternoon.
by Joshee November 26, 2006
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