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Whilst in the doggy style position with your other, have her lift up one leg so now she has only one leg for support. Now in this position slide one of your feet beside her supporting foot and in one smooth motion sweep her foot out from under her sending her crashing into the floor or head board.
I gave my ex the kick stand last night and it rocked.
by Kaboble April 07, 2009
A piece of shit that is so long it is still attached to your anus but is touching the bottom of the bowl.
Man, that was some shit I just took. I had a kickstand.
by turdsmith September 19, 2013
When youre riding your bike in a terry cloth robe and your tip is hanging out of the bottom.
Today in central park, a man rode past me and hit me in the chin with his kickstand.
by joshee May 20, 2007
When guy is laying down on his stomach and has a boner.
Mike was laying on his towel tanning then he got a kickstand and had to get up
by Jessus's third cousin June 24, 2010
Sleeping with your face propped up on a penis.
When a woman falls asleep while sucking a cock, and is leaning on that cock. She's using the "Kickstand".
by Willie Wanka November 26, 2010
A kickass all-girl band that plays loud rock and metal, causing all men within hearing and seeing distance to get righteous kickstands.
"Hey man, those chicks in that band Kickstand GAVE me a kickstand."

"My girl loves to go with me to see that band Kickstand because it gives me a kickstand that lasts all night."
by Jolee Jashan August 20, 2011
(aka ks) A penis that is so big that it makes his legs looks small and skinny
Example I:

There weren’t any open seats at the bar, so I posted up on my kickstand until I got one.

Example II:

SCENE: Crowded Public Bus

(A petty lady steps onto the bus and a gentleman sees her approaching.)

Gentleman: Would you like a seat? I can rest on my kickstand
by creep guy ie February 21, 2011