A kickass all-girl band that plays loud rock and metal, causing all men within hearing and seeing distance to get righteous kickstands.
"Hey man, those chicks in that band Kickstand GAVE me a kickstand."

"My girl loves to go with me to see that band Kickstand because it gives me a kickstand that lasts all night."
by Jolee Jashan August 20, 2011
(aka ks) A penis that is so big that it makes his legs looks small and skinny
Example I:

There weren’t any open seats at the bar, so I had to posted up on my kickstand until I got one.

Example II:
SCENE: Crowded Public Bus
(A petty lady steps onto the bus and a gentleman sees her approaching.)

Gentleman: Would you like a seat? I can rest on my kickstand
by creep guy ie February 21, 2011
the act of wearing something cool looking or being attractive.
wow those kids are sure kickstanding!
by hayguay November 02, 2010
It's the severity of the sucking up that denotes whether the person kisses ass, sucks dick or kickstands. Sucking dick so hard one actually kickstands or the kickstand of the individual getting their dick sucked.
Jane: "Sue is like the boss' kickstand"
Bob: "And the boss kickstands his boss, so on and so fourth"
Debbie: "It's like a kickstand fiesta. Fuck my life"
Joe: "I wish I could kickstand my way to the top but my ass is still sore"
by AmadeusIII April 04, 2010
A morning errection so fears it prevents one from turning onto ones front.
john usually like to snooze on his front, but was hampered however by a mad kickstand.
by grahams June 02, 2006
Part of the cheddar cheese combo. First a man must perform the bowling ball, which is the putting of a thumb in a womans asshole while doing it doggie style. When she reaches up with one arm, that is the kickstand. Should be directly followed by the vaccum cleaner.
I almost had her at the kickstand but instead i finished with the vaccum cleaner
by benatlastexit December 01, 2003
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