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A term refering to Chinese people or to the former Chinese Empire. Frequently used in a racist sense, though not nessarly a derogatory word.
In San Fransisco 'round the turn of the 20th century,
celestial neighborhoods were notorious for laundry service.
by BlackPyr January 10, 2006
Celestial is a synonymn for angel.
A celestial appeared to him in a vision.
by AsuraDemon April 08, 2005
Describes someone or something that is extremely dope, almost heavenly
Chloe: What did you think of that?
Maya: It was celestial.
Chloe: That's what's up.


Also see incelestial
by Twinklez/Stardust November 20, 2011
adj. of, relating to, or suggesting heaven or divinity

n. a person with whom you hold in very high regard
What a celestial being (in regards to his love-making skills); in another universe even

The act of saying goodbye. That outcome was celestial; in fact, it's the best possible thing that could've happened to me, like burning the ashes of a dead corpse and being set free
by celestialbeing July 23, 2013
a HOT!! chick, often times refer to as an angel from above
that chick is so celestial
by Joe November 24, 2004
completely original website or message board
My site is more Celestial than yours is.
by Josie November 01, 2003
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