Kaylee is the most beautiful girl in the school. From miles away you can spot her huge eyes. Tends to graduate twords food but still has a amazing body. She's a amazing friend and is always there for you. Guys are lucky to date her. They seem to never get over Kaylee. You are very lucky to know a Kaylee.
Who's that girl with those eyes? It must be Kaylee.
by Peace17 July 26, 2013
Has a nice booty. Looks sexy as hell. The kind of girl you would do any thing for, she is nice cute funny and beautiful
Wow that girl is a dime her name must be kaylee
by brent. mow. February 19, 2013
Kaylee's are amazing people! They are super nice, really pretty, and amazing dancers! You should always take the time to dance with a Kaylee, and if you do dance with one you will not be disapointed. Just don't get on her bad side, because if you do she will kick your but. If you know a Kaylee you are extremely lucky! Take good care of her and rewards will follow.
Kaylee can really dance! Look at her go!
by delicate flower December 10, 2013
Kaylee's have beautiful brown eyes and when they smile, the combination just makes you melt inside. They are always brilliant, amazing as well as thoughtful and think of others before herself. She will always be there for you in the brightest and darkest of times, therefor always cherish her because she is a remarkable person. Without a doubt if you ever meet one, you will never be able to forget her because you will fall in love with her and she will be forever engraved in your mind.
You can't have an example of a Kaylee because she is too perfect too describe.
by TiggerInParis August 14, 2011
Super cool girl. Usually has emo friends, is very loyal, and sweet. Usually has blue eyes and coloured hair. Shes really nice, likes good music, and reads amazing books. One of the best people you'll meet. She wears glasses and has really pretty blue eyes, her hair is naturally blonde/brown and shes kind of pale. Shes usually super proud of her heritage, because shes usually a dual citizen. One glance and you'll love her forever, even though she usually hasn't has any/many boyfriends.
Girl 1: Wow, what a cool girl over there. Look at her hair is so cool!
Girl 2: Oh, yeah, thats a Kaylee.
by YOUWISHYOUKNEW October 22, 2012
the most caring, beautiful person. she's my best friend and I'm in love with her.
Guy 1: dude look at that fine ass over there!
Guy 2: dude shut the fuck up that's my Kay'lee your talking about! She's my true love!
Guy 1: oh sorry man. I didn't know you liked her.
by manly sex god November 12, 2010
A Kayle is very smart, kind, and talented. She is very pretty and confident. She is super loyal, and the boys think of her as a friend, not as a "chick". She never cusses, but is very stubborn.
Man, that girl is sooo good at everything! Yeah man, that's a Kaylee.
by ghostdancekaylee11 October 02, 2014

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