A Kaylee is someone who is amaziing in every way. She can brighten your day with just one glance at her beautiful smile. A Kaylee will have eyes that you could look into for hours and never want to look away for a minute. A Kaylee will also be there for you when you need her most. You can count on a Kaylee to tell all of your biggest secrets because she is such an understanding and easy person to talk to. She is also the sweetest person on Earth until you piss her off. Never ever ever piss of a Kaylee. She will get you. Kaylees are also known for just flat out how amazing and loving they are. If you ever find one you should keep close ties with her because she will sometimes be the only one there to catch you wen you are fallling.
I went on vacation and totaly fell for the most amazing Kaylee.
by KJYEAHITSME July 26, 2012
Most people find themselves wanting to be friends with Kaylees and find it hard to live without them. Kaylee's have a sweet appearance and many people take advantage of them unleashing the fierceness of a Kaylee. This is always a mistake to unveil the beast also called a "Buffy hard ass". Kaylee's are extremely funny and they always crack jokes. They are the life of the party which is also called "Buffy the Vodka Slayer". They say swear words loudly when surprised known as "Nasty Bubbles" and does several slave chores like dishes and dropping off mail as a P.I.T. A princess in training. Kaylee's are interesting and OCD. They often make list and dream of having a house full of cats, puppies, and babies. They love name brands and most of all money. Kaylee's aren't quite greedy but love the thought. Kaylee's only enjoy the company of attractive people and Kaylee's also enjoy being dominated (It is a sexual thing for Kaylees.) Infact they are also good kissers and get a bit roudy. A Kaylee has the ellegance of a swan and the sexual hunger of a tigress.
That was so Kaylee of her to touch me like that.
by dropdeadiva August 15, 2011
The cooles freeeekin person in the whole wold. Better friends with guys than girls, girls are to bitchy.Very pretty, and has a lot of friends.
Holy crap she is awesome, she must me a kaylee
by Unknowndumbass November 09, 2010
Kaylee's are always beautiful, smart, sexy, gorgeous, trusy worthy, reliable, unique, amazing, great kisser, a stoner, awesome, perfect, happy, intelligent, and one of a kind. They usually have a innocent look on the outside but they have a wild side to Kaylee's are hard to find there great friends with a awesome personality and they give memories to people they will never forget. If you find a Kaylee make sure you keep her they dont come around often Kaylee's arent whores. But they are good kissers and have amazing lips They are bitches when they need to be but that is why people love them. Be careful with them though, there fighters but most of the time lovers. Kaylee's are absolutely perfect
"woah dude she is such a Kaylee!"
"did you see that Kaylee over there she is HOT"
by RachelBarener November 13, 2011
Strangely true, but scientifically proven, Kaylee's of the world are 92% hot, bangen and/or extremely fuckable. When seeing such a Kaylee, you will become sexually aroused and most likely get a full or partial erection..
Kaylee's are the sexiest when they have brown hair and green eyes they are usually very flexible and artistic. They are very intense kissers and good with there tounge. A Sexy girl who knows what she's doing in life. She loves to bite. Kaylee's are rare creatures and tend to fall easy. When handling Kaylee be sure to catch her if she falls. Kaylee is not a whore. Be kind to her because she was created a fighter but loves to be a lover. She is one amazing creature.
by jamie marie gonzalez November 21, 2011
A Kaylee is a sassy, classy, beautiful, intelligent female. People who befriend Kaylees become better just for having met her. Her awesomeness is contagious and her smile is infectious. Kaylees are all that other woman hope to be. They are usually very accomplished and well rounded, good singers, dancers and writers. They are creative and assertive; unafraid to fight for what they want.
Person 1: Man, that girl is a boss, she really knows what she wants!
Person 2: Well yeah! That girl's a kaylee!
by Kdizzlesnizzle December 27, 2012
A girl who is very sporty, so she is kind of good at every sport she can try.
She is VERY flexible, most likely a cheerleader.
She is considered to be scene, but behind the HUGE hair, she is very loving upon others.
Kaylees can be VERY competitive, and jealous-so beware you don't steal her man!
They are also very strong-at the gym, and at the heart.
Kaylees are wonderful dancers AND singers, they can be artistic and creative.
Kaylees are incredibly SEXY, so if you get a chance with one, don't blow it!
Kaylees can be REALLY funny and she can hang with the guys and not feel unwanted.

If you meet a Kaylee, make sure you don't lose her-she can be a great friend, but don't get to her bad side or else.
"Dude, look-that chick's so HOT, and flexible...."
"Yeah man, That's a Kaylee."
by nosametmoc August 05, 2011
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