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A Kaylee is a sassy, classy, beautiful, intelligent female. People who befriend Kaylees become better just for having met her. Her awesomeness is contagious and her smile is infectious. Kaylees are all that other woman hope to be. They are usually very accomplished and well rounded, good singers, dancers and writers. They are creative and assertive; unafraid to fight for what they want.
Person 1: Man, that girl is a boss, she really knows what she wants!
Person 2: Well yeah! That girl's a kaylee!
by Kdizzlesnizzle December 27, 2012
18 0
A very amazing girl with a heart of gold. She is very creative and fun to be around. Kaylees usually has pretty chocolate brown eyes and a kiss-me smile. Kaylees are very athletic and artsy. Her girly personality makes everyone around her smile. She isn't good at getting guys, but she is very loyal and honest; a total keeper. She is pure and a deeply good person. Lastly, she has a beautiful mind and that's why most people love her.
"Gosh, did you hear about my girlfriend"

"Oh yeah, What's her name?"


"Yeah, she's a keeper!"
by GeeksAndGuys September 04, 2012
18 4
She is the kind of girl you would spend hours on urban dictionary to get to see her smile when she sees it. She is very sexy. She is so nice she could not harm a fly. She is very beautiful. She can do no wrong she has a very nice ass, and she has a perfect body and a perfect voice to go with it.
Guy1: did u ask kaylee out yet
Guy2: no because every time i want to she is always dating someone else. Also when she is single i dont have the guts to ask her out.
by brent. mow. February 19, 2013
12 1
A name for someone that is special to you with pretty eyes and soft lips. She is loving, kindhearted, thoughtful and smiles even when she is sad.

Often imitated, never duplicated.
There is Kaylee over there. "Yes!"
by BryanKnight May 23, 2013
10 1
She is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is a little short but she has the most amazing eyes you could ever gaze into. The softest lips you could ever wish to meet. The fairest skin you could ever touch. A smile that can brighten up the cloudiest of days. She has a dirty mind and a great sense of humor. If you ever meet one you wont forget her because she is one of a kind.
"Whos that?"
"Thats Kaylee."
"I wish there were more of them around here."
by Leatherneck0326 January 16, 2013
11 2
Has a nice booty. Looks sexy as hell. The kind of girl you would do any thing for, she is nice cute funny and beautiful
Wow that girl is a dime her name must be kaylee
by brent. mow. February 19, 2013
10 2
Kaylee is the most beautiful girl in the school. From miles away you can spot her huge eyes. Tends to graduate twords food but still has a amazing body. She's a amazing friend and is always there for you. Guys are lucky to date her. They seem to never get over Kaylee. You are very lucky to know a Kaylee.
Who's that girl with those eyes? It must be Kaylee.
by Peace17 July 26, 2013
8 2