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It's a Kaylee. Mean and a whore. Is manipulative. If you see a Kaylee, walk the other way. You don't want to hang out with a freak like that! Confused by the word "Rhino," so if you see a Kaylee, and/or walk into a Kaylee, say "Rhino" and walk away. *RUN away.
You with a Kaylee


by That one guy you may or may no January 22, 2014
A person with big hands, like to rape poptarts, and cut pencils. Kaylee's are very rare. They are found in Brazil. They are mentally & physically retarded. Be honored to see one.
by A person that is poptarded October 17, 2013
bitchy whore who thinks shes really pretty when she really isnt
that girl is such a Kaylee she's gone out with 8 guys this week! what a fucking whore
by luver <3 June 04, 2011
A straight up whore. Loves suckin cock 24/7.
Damn, That girl's such a Kaylee!
by jomamasdick October 08, 2011
An ugly ass girl that thinks everybody is her friend when everybody really hates her. She is an irritating bitch cunt. She steals every girl's boyfriend. Girls around her should watch out because she will steal their boyfriends. She is a stupid whore. She flirts with every guy in site. All she does is run her mouth and say a bunch of bullshit. She is super touchy touchy and "friendly" with boys just for attention. ATTENTION WHORE.
Girl 1: Oh my gosh, look at that chick over there.
Girl 2: What about her?
Girl 1: She each one of my boyfriends from me.

Girl 2: What the hell? What a stupid whore.
Girl 1: I know I wanna punch her in the face and kill her.
Girl 2: What is her name?
Girl 1: Kaylee.
Girl 2: Her name is Kaylee? Well that makes sense. If her name is Kaylee, she must be a whore.
by cherryliciousbitch October 12, 2011
The act to suck on a mans right testicle like a child would a lollipop.
My girl friend kayleed me last night, it felt great.
by soccerman96 January 19, 2011
Blonde hair and blue eyes are the worst. Usually she will walk around in revealing clothes and tell people shes done so much with guys but really, shes only touched a lil asian dick with one hand! HA! Pretty much shes a ugly ugly girl and has no real life. She likes to think shes a slut to feel important but really shes not.

She is a back stabbing bitch and will choose her fake ass friends over her life time ones. So watch out. She also will get mad at you for no reason and then make up a huge story to get all her other "friends" to hate you.

She has some serious self esteem issues and turns to "cutting" to solve them. Its all for attention considering they look as if she uses a butter knife, no one really cares.

To all girls about to befriend or are already friends with a blonde haired blue eyed kaylee, stay clear! She talks about all of you behind your backs.

PS she treats her real family like crap too, her mom even conferms shes a bitch. < sad!
Kaylee: you talked be hind my back and we cant be friends anymore
betrayed friend: okay well im sorry (though i shouldn't be)
(few mins later)
*via text*
kaylee: haha what a dumb bitch she totally deserves this, good thing i have you guys, but im sooooo depressed now
friend: awww bby! shes just hurting you

^munipulative BITCH
by HurtandBetrayed August 01, 2011