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A gorgeous, special girl. Afraid to open herself up fully, she needs someone to truely care for her, a guy that will make her fall but will also be there to catch her before she hits the bottom. Radiant with natural beauty this girl has the power to steal hearts but also to break them. The most loving and caring.
Kayle is loved truely by Dustin Shireman.
by OneWish March 05, 2009
a super fantastic girl who loves everyone and everyone loves in return. She is also amazing at oral and is a freak in the sheets. She has amazing boobs and all other girls are jealous and want to be her and all the guys want to fuck her. She is loved by many guys but gave her heart to only one.
"Damn that girl is such a Kayle."
by Dramagurl March 26, 2009
Kayle is a name... not sex or anything related. and she is a beautiful girl and guys miss out if they let go of her. Kayle is a caring girl who loves animals and hanging out with friends. She HATES school and wishes that griffin lastname would go die in a hole. Caleb lastname and her are perfect!!!! They love each other sooooooo much now go find urself a kayle! ( BUT there is probably only one KAYLE in the world bc it is spelled really weird...
Hot DAMN I wish I had a KAYLE!!!!!!
by Alexis arial January 12, 2013
A foul mouthed red headed alcoholic female with more balls than your average teenage boy.
Martha: "What happened to your shirt?"
Jarrod Coleman: "Kayles took a shit on it."
by Being Who Knows. June 11, 2009
The act of sniffing or licking ones fingers after placing them inside of various bodily orifices.
I wish that you would wash your hands after you kayle.
by JsJs7 December 14, 2011

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