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The craziest person ever!! always nice. may be an actress. very very very gorgeous. Very tall and thin and always laughing and smiling. the best of friend. caring toward everyone. gets mad when people spell there name 'katie'
you know you have benn kateed when she is with kendall marissa or field hockey buddys
by loveyerdarling November 12, 2009
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Katee is a girl that will break your heart. She'll promise to always be there, but I swear she never stays for long. She has no idea what she wants out of life, because she is still holding on to a high school sweetheart.She has made many mistakes in her life. Katee is beautiful, and maybe one say she'll realize her worth. Only then will she be happy.
"stay away from Katee"
by David Pool April 02, 2013
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A girl that wears bras that are too large for her breasts so that when she leans forward they are visable, to the pleasure of many guys. She is depressed at all times even at bomb ass parties. She cuts her wrists and she needs to take some prozac. All guys don't like her and when she shows up at a party they are like o shit it is Kate.
1.My girlfriend used to be cool but then she pulled a kate e. on me.
2. At bomb-ass parties, kate e. is the one sitting in the corner crying about her non-existent parties.
3. Hey, its kate e. lets ask for her help on math problems so she can bend over and we can see her titties!!!
4. Kate e. likes cumfart cocktails and taking prozac.
by Mr. Bubbles January 15, 2007
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