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The gross behaviours of a new couple. The overtly lovey-dovey actions that sicken everyone not in that relationship.
Usually in the form of cuddling and un-nessecary giggling as a result of public tickling.
"Omg, look at Suzy and Tommy Kanoodling in the corner."
"Yea, they should get a room."

by Sydney; [SMD] =] January 22, 2008
Any sexual activity above the waist, including (but not limited to)cuddling, kissing, breast fondling.
We spent the night kanoodling in front of the fire.
by aimaranas April 29, 2005
To be in the act of any form of sexual activity be it flirting or other such things foolish adolescents get up to. If someone were to express their willingness to be kanoodling with someone else they would usally be talking about the person in question CONSTANTLY. An example of this would be:
'OMG! TOMtomTOMtomTOMtomTOMtom'
'nye and izzy were kanoodling at charlottes'
'jade and tom are so gonna be kanoodling at chloes on saturday'
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin October 30, 2005
Any physical romantic contact between couples tht isnt necessarily kissing , or sex
1) joking&laughing
2) cute foreplay in public
by ash/kitty November 15, 2009
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