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Being 'outed' as a paedophile on the metalhammer message board. see Klown
Random Loser Ok, so she was 15 and a bit, i admit it.
everyone else KLWND!
by Peter File September 16, 2004
One higher than PWND which is one up from OWND (or OWN3D).

Invented by a brain in a jar on the metalhammer messageboards after a certain poster got boned by Klown.
MH User 1: Did you hear about someone who said she was 16 and got boned by Klown?
MH User 2: No? Hahahahaha, bitch got KLWND!
by Lugs-o September 30, 2004
Being caught exposing yourself to young girls via the internet.

To be the victim of an exposer.
"Did you hear about Sarky? She got totally KLWND!"
by cris September 16, 2004
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