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A derogatory slang term for a Korean person, usually of a certain age (middle age and older). A Klown is, specifically, a Korean person who lacks a social conscience, community-mindedness, proper manners or common sense. Klowns are Koreans who have difficulty with even the simplest forms of locomotion and should never be allowed to operate a motor vehicle. Klowns are generally bigots who thoroughly enjoy (and feel entitled to) treat other people of a lower social class in disrespectful and insulting ways. The term Klown was popularized via the expathell site and various internet expat communities.
That fucking Klown taxi driver just about killed me! Fuck you Klown!
So, have you heard that the Klowns falsified safety certificates for parts at their nuclear power plants?
Why do the Klowns spit phlegm and vomit all over the sidewalks near their own homes and places of business?
Don't bother signing a contract with a Klown, they won't honor it.
My Klown neighbor comes home filthy drunk at 3 am and beats his wife loudly. I think I might bash his Klown skull in if he wakes me up again.
by ExpatS November 03, 2013
Nonce who exposes himself to young girls on webcam, who he meets through the metalhammer messageboards, also has a taste for the underagers.
Zeppelin: "Klown you fucking paedo"
by Zeppelin September 16, 2004
Klowns or clowns, Slang for the drug Klonopin

(Clonazepam). Clonazepam is in a class of medications called benzodiazepines.
Got any klowns?
by artyo431 August 18, 2011
Adult and/or fetish clown. Especially a clown who enjoys taking Ketamine. Often into surrealism, performance art and pornography. See Porn Clown Posse.
That Klown went to the circus, all high, to see if he could find a clown to molest.
by Froghole November 19, 2010
Also referred to as The Dark Karnival Ring Leader, The Dark Fool of Horrors, The Satan Eater, and The Painted Laughing Man, this evil jester of legends was believed to have the power to make even the Devil laugh until he cried. Represented only as a skeleton wearing jesters clothes playing a drum, many believe the soul of Klown has been reborn as an African American male living as a musician among us today.
"The drummer onstage played at a violent tempo with an extremely evil grin on his face, almost as if he were Klown himself in the flesh."
by Karnival November 25, 2009
1. A clown that jumps out of stopped trains

2. A clown that has committed at least 7 homicides

3. Angela from Sleepaway Camp I, II, III, and IV

4. Nate
Goddamn it, Nate! You're such a klown.
by tate donovan July 10, 2004
Herschel Schmoykel Krustofsky (aka Krusty The Klown)
When mentioning Krusty, you spell Clown as Klown
by Chris Ridsdill March 09, 2004

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