Justine is an awesome individual and best friend. All the guys fall for her because she is stunning, beautiful, funny and sometimes crazy. She thinks really low of herself because she is modest but we all know deep down she has lots of confidence. She is sweet and caring and an downright amazing person.
Laurence: Damn, you see that chick last night? I wish I could have talked to her

Mike: Yeah man, that was Justine. She's smoking.

Laurence: Yeah, I want her number.
by someone who loves green day January 15, 2012
A pretty girl who is a straight forward normally a brunette she is very athletic good at sports that are hitting balls she is nice and you can always trust a justine she is good at in school and will go far in life she is always fun to be around.
"What should i do today oh invite justine over"

"look at justine with that nice ass walk by"
by the on who walks on water April 21, 2011
a gorgeous French girl who looks a lot like Angelina Jolie. and has a cat named Luna.
You can call her Mrs.Fox.
She has the ability to read people's minds, control the weather, and see into the future.
She speaks 900 different languages, knows the answer to the Riemann Hypothesis, and the logarithm behind google's search engine.
She taught Uma Thurman how to fight, Michael Jackson how to dance, and Freddie Mercury how to sing.
She introduced Bob Marley to marajuana, and showed Jimi Hendrix how to play the guitar.
Bob Dylan plagerized from her.
Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Jude Law once fought over her autograph.
Sadly for them, it is also rumored that she and a demi-god named Albert Hauva are madly in love.
She is the only person in the world whose poop smells like your favorite fragrance.
Dont even try cus she's a Justine.

I wish I was Justine
by - THE UNITED NATIONS - April 24, 2010
Sweet beautiful girl who loves the world and everyone in it. Good dancer and her siblings look up to her. Usually blonde and has younger brothers and no sisters. Always having guys after her especially ones starting with Q, B or J. Don't be surprised if she arries early because she loves kids and longs for finding her true love.
She is artistic, sporty and flirty. She is easy to get on with and most of the girls love being friends with her... except the jealous ones who accuse her stuff which never happened.

She may spill your secrets but she does it intentionally to your benefit not hers.
Wow, look at Justine go!
Look at Justine and her boyfrind (Q/B/J) they are definitely going to last!
by I.M. Awsum October 07, 2012
Athletic, usually awesome at volleyball. Really good at drawing. Talented in freaking everything. Typically the oldest child, mainly asian.
Perfectly matched with Mikes. Especially if they're Italian and their last names remind you of "Pizza".
Justine A. is perfectly matched with Mike P.
by Shmelon L'Bell November 05, 2010
empress of the night... a random chick, can never be truly understood. can be a friend, but beware.. shes the type of person who just might try to play with you while you sleep. a strange existence... quiet and mysterious... and relates more to a wild animal than people. people will not notie her.. but theyd better watch their backs... she is waiting to make the kill and take you to her dark world. the voices tell her many things... and i wouldt get too close... she can be found glaring at the mortals from above a tree, or on the city streets with her 80s 50 pound boomboxx blastin vanilla ice and slim shady. a peculiar pick... she doesnt gravitate to the boys... but stays to herself as the lone mistress...
by superchick000 September 21, 2011
A hyper slut that is also a hoe,whore and a fuckgirl who always needs a guy around and feels insecure without one she takes advantage of her looks to get multiple boyfriends and to be able to cheat on them.
"Justine is such a hyper slut she cheated on all her boyfriends at the same time!"
by Emoguy September 15, 2015

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