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A term used to describe the world of crappy sensations you get the day after consuming a lot of alcohol, i.e. huge headaches and body aches, vomiting, spinning world, lethargy, sick-to-your-stomach, etc.
I drank too much on saturday so I was all hungover the next day.. I couldnt get out of bed
by lastnight2 February 15, 2009
To be suffering from any of the following after a night of alcoholism: nausea, headache, dizziness, or strong urge to lay in bed and not move all day.
I was so hung over I didn't make it in to work.
by chevrolumina January 14, 2007
past tense of "hangover". refer to hangover for more information.
I drank way to much alcohol last night that i was hungover all day the following day.
by sum1hucares February 28, 2008
the state of being in which a person's electric toothbrush feels like a jackhammer to the head.
Man, I'm so hungover this morning that it hurts to brush my teeth!
by DeathbyCunningLinguist January 15, 2013
A extremely scary creature that awakes from its cave at around 12-3 p.m after a fun night of drinking. You can identify this creature by its terrible smell, its failed attempts at walking, its usage of the same clothes and its desire to talk in gibberish or puke at random moments.
Roomate 1 : Do you smell that? I can't breathe!!!
Roomate 2 : I'll call poison control, somebody's ought to be hungover
by skarpydarpy February 04, 2013
to feel like shit after a night of drinking... sometimes results in feeling throwing up, and headaches.
fuck me!! i was so hungover yesterday, i threw up eight times!!
by matt zed January 18, 2007
The morning after consuming a lot of alcohol.
The other night was so fucking amazing ! But I was completely hungover the next day.
by sarabby. October 07, 2008
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