When someone gets too drunk. Usually to the point where you start acting stupid and everyone notices. Side effects are loss of friends, throwing up, and crying.
John: Omg I was so drunk and stupid yesterday !

Bill: Yes man, you pulled a fucking Jose. BYE !
by Latrishanel August 05, 2008
fugly slut, pronounced Jose-aye dirty mexican.
shes such a jose!
by thetruthcghdfghfhfhf November 08, 2010
Usualy someone in a suburban area who acts like the are from the ghetto. Jose's are disliked in the town and suduce little girls. They cause problems and are very dumb.
by greg denner September 27, 2010
1. A crazy Asian
2. A crazy Mexican
3. one who does the most stupid/random things and people enjoy him
4. one who eats a lot of ramen
1.One who does stupid/random/crazy things
2.a stupid/random/crazy act
1. Holy crap!!!! That guy who jumped off that 2 story building is like a jose !

2. Did he just sniff that tobasco? he just pulled a jose.
the act of hitting on or trying to get some. n. One being hit on.

1. Are they josing?
2. She's his jose.
by wilfred7493 August 13, 2008
(Rhymes with dose.) The period of time one spends in jail after being found guilty and sentenced. A jail-stay. Passing time. As infinitive verb form, "to jose" means to ride out one's stay in jail. To endure a boring, uncomfortable, or painful situation.
1. "How long is your jose man?" "Only six months, this time."
2. "Damn, this is my fourth jose since my grandmother died."
3. "How's it goin' man?" "Just josin', how's it with you?"
4. "Hey man, how's married life?" "It's like one long jose, with no parole in sight."
by vetusvates November 25, 2007
a camel cigarette.

josie- a short
Ski, Carter, and Tim smoke the most joses.

Save me a josie.
by hookermeister1 November 10, 2009

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