my wonderful hubbykens, my love. I love you babe! =]
Joses are sweet guys. Always there for you in time of need =]
by horny filipino man February 23, 2010
A friend's drunk alter-ego.
Me: Hey cool time at the party last night!
Steve: I wasn't there, you must be talking about José
by Chlozozo November 11, 2014
sexy man whore
1: Hey Jose, strip for me
2: OK.
by josecarlos258 July 19, 2014
Jose, a man who loves to dick ride. Absolutely the kind of guy to steal peoples jokes, and when one joke actually makes someone laugh he will run that joke into the ground by repeatedly saying to over and over. When you crack on a Jose, he will take exactly what you said and use it on you. A Jose will typically dick ride someone who he perceives as cool. A Jose will usually dick ride just to fit in. Like if a leader of a group starts talking shit about someone, he will usually join in uninvited. Opinions are usually invalid as well. Will often say something random and be ignored.
Guy 1: That guy Bob took my joke and now he's running it to the ground.
Guy 2: Man what a Jose
by Mark Nutt February 05, 2015
A gorgeous Cuban man who shines like a star. Having the most contagious & sexy smile. Alluring and captivating. He can be either your best friend or your worst enemy. He has a heart of gold and means well. You will never catch "Jose" because he enjoys his life very much on the open road. Very much a free spirit and being out in the open. If you ever "catch" Jose well you will be THE LUCKIEST girl on this planet.
You two won't last, he's a "Jose"
by crzylatinchick April 04, 2011
A Fucking asshole that is really unloyal, and tells you that he loves you and then leaves you and doesn't care how much it hurts you.
Person: "I'm going out with Jose tonight!"
Person2: "Oh, keep your eye on him, he'll cheat on you"
by ThaBlondie1253 February 23, 2015
The name all Mexican niggas have
Person: Jose
Millions of people: Que?
by Whats9plus10 February 20, 2015

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