Is a phenomenal actor!
"Jordan is a phenomenal actor!"

Guy 1: "The actor in that film was phenomenal!"

Guy 2: "Must have been Jordan. Because Jordan is a phenomenal actor!"
by Maelstrom1243456 January 03, 2010
a girl named Jordan is an all around fun person. She is always ready to party and can sometimes get a little too crazy. Jordan is also known to be incredible in bed. She will do anything for her true friends. Her emotions are well hidden but they are raw and it takes a lot for her to open up to a person. Make friends with this girl, she'll be there for you whenever you need her. Fuck her over and she will kill you.
That girl Jordan is crazy.
by alittlenamegame November 22, 2011
Creative, artistic, and random. Generally known to avoid crowds, and is not the nicest person alive. This can be either a male, or female. But is best fit for a brunette female with hazel eyes and pale skin. She might be a writer, and tends to doodle on her assignments instead of pay attention. She loves music and can be very independent, because she doesn't like being social.

Named after the Jordan River.
by Cass, J May 04, 2010
Interjection used whilst one is catching 'air' or shooting a basket ... As frequently uttered by Marv Albert during the 90s.
I yelled 'Jordan!' as I caught some wicked air on my snowboard.

'Jordan!' he yelled as he slashed toward the hoop with his tongue out.
by BobbyFoxglove June 23, 2007
A Jordan is used to describe the most awsome guy in the world. Jordans can make you feel safe without even trying. He can make you laugh more than anyone else, and he loves to surprise you with kisses and slaps to the ass. They have wicked music skills and love to adventure. Jordans tend to be very intense and affectionate. He also has very soft genitals. A Jordan is like a white Usher, because of his great ability to get girls off.
Girl 1- "Did you see that guy? I bet his girlfriend is always satisfied!"
Girl 2- "Yeah, I noticed him, he's tottaly a Jordan..."
by willowtrees June 30, 2011
must i define the obvious? A jordan is an amazing person with the following charactoristics: amazing body, amazing at sports, has an amazing job such as ninja, ceo, motherlover, or a badass cop. He makes more money than you ever will and always gets the girls. This lucky man is the envy of, well, everyone and will rocks your world with his amazingly large dick. Trust me, you want to be like him!
Girl 1: Did you see that guy?
Girl 2: Yea. I think im in love!
Girl 1: He must be a jordan...
Girl 2: i want jordan to rock my world!

Person 1: Omg my boyfriend just gave me the best i've had in a long time!!
Person 2: he is totally a jordan
by thecreator121212 March 19, 2011
Short for Air Jordan's. Air Jordan's; also known as Jay's, J's, or AJs are a brand of shoes produced by Nike which was designed for and endorsed by professional basketball player Michael Jordan.
Imma go get myself a fresh pair of Jordan's, gotta look fly so that chick accross the street will ask me out, yeahhh boii!!
by Talia.x November 06, 2009
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