sarcastic, spazzy, random, fun to be around, flirty, blushy (you know, the kind when you blush near guys ;D), Musically involved, unique
sometimes when she gets all quiet (out of the norm for her) you wonder what the hell she thinks about
perfect girlfriend
calls people cool
likes to make friends
person a: who's that? and what's she doing, is she dancing or something?
person b. thats jordan, my girlfriend.... you should meet her, shes cool.... she wont bite :)
by lalalalaacookies May 02, 2011
Jordan is basically the epitome of an amazing girl. She's hot & she knows it. She has wild rockstar hair, big blue eyes, and a great smile. She's wild and dangerous and she'll do any dare you give her, just to get a reaction out of others. She's smart, quick-witted, and hilariously funny. She doesn't take shit from anyone, and if anyone messes with her, she'll never let them hear the end of it. She has a small waist but a cute booty and big boobs, and she loves to show them off. She's a party girl and she can definitely get naughty, but deep down she knows right from wrong. She's much smarter than she let's on & she's probably smarter than most of the guys she messes around with. Some people thinks she's a bitch, and some people think she's full of herself, but they're just jealous. Everyone knows this girl. She can make a few mean jokes & might shock and surprise everyone from time to time, but Jordan is definitely someone you want in your life. She's a blast to be around and when she cares for you, she's a sweetheart. Jordan is the girl to chill with, a great friend, an unforgettable hook up, and if you make it this far... an amazing girlfriend.
"Damn that chick is wild, she must be a Jordan'
"She's so hot... gotta be a Jordan"
"Look at that hair, she's a jordan"
"Dude my girl is so boring, I wish I had a Jordan"
"She's such a bitch." -Mary
"Don't hate her cause she's beautiful, she's a Jordan" -Rachel
"Pretty face, nice body, good personality... she's a Jordan'
by masterk1234 February 20, 2011
the guy anyone could love in the blink of their eye!! he is finest thing and can easily be wanted for sexul pleasures!!! he is funny sweet nice lovable caring and definately NOT a man whore...
gir 1: hey i saw the hottest guy in spanish class today!!
girl 2: oh thats Jordan you should fuck him!!
girl 1: ok i will and hopefully marry him!!! ;)
by Spanish Chick December 12, 2010
Short for Air Jordan's. Air Jordan's; also known as Jay's, J's, or AJs are a brand of shoes produced by Nike which was designed for and endorsed by professional basketball player Michael Jordan.
Imma go get myself a fresh pair of Jordan's, gotta look fly so that chick accross the street will ask me out, yeahhh boii!!
by Talia.x November 06, 2009
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, commonly called Jordan, is a country in the Middle East.
Languages: Arabic - English
Capital: Amman
Area: 92,300 km²
Population: 5,800,000
- Jordan love it or get the fuck out of it.

- Say it out, say it loud, I'm Jordanian and I'm proud.

by Nabeeh November 19, 2007
Interjection used whilst one is catching 'air' or shooting a basket ... As frequently uttered by Marv Albert during the 90s.
I yelled 'Jordan!' as I caught some wicked air on my snowboard.

'Jordan!' he yelled as he slashed toward the hoop with his tongue out.
by BobbyFoxglove June 23, 2007
In a female case: a jordan is someone who is sensitive and caring, she likes to have fun but is not trashy. Tries to be nice to others but can be a real bitch if you get on her bad side. Never mess with one of a jordan's friends, because she will rip your head off in a second. Is a good and loyal girlfriend, a little boy crazy, flirty, and respects herself. She is outgoing and is probably more than likely more than glad to be your friend if you be hers.
You: Wow, that girl seems great.
Me: Yeah, she looks like a Jordan to me.
by Barrett Rains January 10, 2012

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