The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, commonly called Jordan, is a country in the Middle East.
Languages: Arabic - English
Capital: Amman
Area: 92,300 km²
Population: 5,800,000
- Jordan love it or get the fuck out of it.

- Say it out, say it loud, I'm Jordanian and I'm proud.

by Nabeeh November 19, 2007
Jordan is a beatiful boy usally with dark brown or black hair and brown eyes. When you first meet a Jordan he will seem vary standoffish. But once you get to know him you will see he is a kind and loving person who is very funny and just wants to be loved him self. Once you see a Jordan you can't help but smile. Jordan's are also very attractive and stylish
Wow who's that guy over their?

Ohh that a Jordan
by Jordan Lover March 16, 2013
A boy unlike any other. One you can truly see yourself being with for the rest of your life. He is the boy you'd die for. You look at him, and your heart will just.. melt. Everything you thought you knew about 'love' changes into something you never could have imagined because of this boy. Once you were broken, and now you are fixed. You can almost feel the emotion in his texts, you can HEAR the truth in his words, you can listen to the rhythmic sounds of love in every single one of his heart beats. You'll want to marry this boy. I promise you. His smile could make the strongest of hearts melt. His laugh could give you so many butterflies that they'll fill your entire stomach and send them flying out of your toes. You'll instantly fall in love with him. Nothing else matters but him. Your head is filled with thoughts of him. Everything reminds you of him. A minute feels like a lifetime with him not around. The memories with a Jordan could pierce the soul. You could never bring yourself to leave him. Never. No matter what he did, when you know that you're all his.. it doesn't ever matter. You spend days with him, and when he leaves, it feels as though it's been 5 minutes. You feel like, in order to feel whole, you need to be around him. To see those amazing eyes and have him hold you in his arms. You love him. You love him always.. Having a Jordan in your life is not always a privilege, but the one i have is surely #1, and i never want to lose my Jordan.
Me: Having Jordan Kresen in my life is an absolute blessing!
The rest of the world: totes.
by el0ra November 18, 2012
The most beautifulest&perfect girl in the world,smart sexy(even though she'll deny it!)
Always thinks about others instead of her self,she always listens to what you have to say,she always where's a smile,she's has warm brown eyes&long brown hair,she tall,every guy wants her!<3
She's bubbley,out going,more mature than others,gets along with everyone&shes the ideal girlfriend for anyone&everyone!
Can be high tempered if you get on the bad side of her&you really don't want to see that, she always sticks up for her friends,never let's anyone feel out, she completes everyones life, she makes the stars shine brighter&more clearer!

If you havnt meet a Jordan your in for a surprize when you do! They're rare so hang on tight&dont let go,she will change your life completely! NEVER LET GO OF A JORDAN!<3
She's just perfect!she's the best girl in the world!<3
Girl 1:'OMFG, who is that girl she's perfect!?'
Girl 2:'I know!! I want to be like her!'
Girl 3:'guys you know she obv a JORDAN! Duhh!!'
Girl 4:'how do you know?'
Girl 3:'beause my life has just changed&the stars are shinging brighter"

Guy 1:'Who the hell is that girl!? she smoking hot!'
Guy 2:'ohh you know its just JORDAN"
Guy 3:'she can rock my world anyday!;)'
by iloveyoumorethanever! December 27, 2012
The name Jordan originated from the river in Palestine. IF you are lucky enough to have a Jordan in your life, never let them go. She is the kindest creature that ceases to exist. She is very beautiful, but modest, for she refuses to admit her beauty. She is very shy at first, but once she comes out of her shell, she is the coolest person to be around. She has a fantastic taste in music, so you can totally jam with her. She knows how to comfort you when you're sad, and she will listen to you blabber for hours. She is very loving, and deserves only great people in her life. She is hard working, and she will make you very proud. She will always put you before her in any situation. If you get lucky enough to know her, she will truly change your life. She will be the best thing to ever happen to you.
"Hey isn't Jordan a river?"
"Yeah, and also a person. You uncultured swine."
by dmaceunchained June 08, 2014
A beautiful girl that holds her head up high no matter what.very intelligent and a smartass occasionally
by janeets February 08, 2014
Amazingly sweet, funny, sarcastic, and a total Trekkie. Once you meet her, you will never look back. Perfect girlfriend material, she's got a 'don't take shit from nobody' attitude, and she'll crush you if you hurt her, or anyone she knows. She's hard to come by, and if you're lucky enough to find her, you can sell the rest of your Pokeballs 'cause you just caught the one. She will always be loyal, interesting, and utterly fascinating. In short, do not let her slip away.
Girl 1: Hi!
Guy 1: Hey, what's your name?
Girl 1: I'm Jordan.
Guy 1/Guy 2: DIBS!
Girl 1: Uhh.. what?
by The One Ring November 05, 2012
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