A Jordan is super athletic. He is very popular. He is sweet but don't get me wrong if u say something wrong he will attack u like there is no tomorrow. Jordan has a lot in common with his friends. He is super funny he knows how to make everyone laugh and he can make the funniest faces ever! When he likes someone he falls in love with them and is very sensitive so if u break a Jordan's heart good luck. A Jordan always has a girl best friend who they have a lot in common with. Many girls like him and many guys want to be him.
Girl 1. Oh my gosh that guy has to be a Jordan!
Girl 2. He is very sweet he's a total Jordan.
Guy 1. I wish I was as popular as that guy Jordan
Guy 2. Man I wish I was as athletic as Jordan
by ladyprime8411 June 19, 2013
The most beautifulest&perfect girl in the world,smart sexy(even though she'll deny it!)
Always thinks about others instead of her self,she always listens to what you have to say,she always where's a smile,she's has warm brown eyes&long brown hair,she tall,every guy wants her!<3
She's bubbley,out going,more mature than others,gets along with everyone&shes the ideal girlfriend for anyone&everyone!
Can be high tempered if you get on the bad side of her&you really don't want to see that, she always sticks up for her friends,never let's anyone feel out, she completes everyones life, she makes the stars shine brighter&more clearer!

If you havnt meet a Jordan your in for a surprize when you do! They're rare so hang on tight&dont let go,she will change your life completely! NEVER LET GO OF A JORDAN!<3
She's just perfect!she's the best girl in the world!<3
Girl 1:'OMFG, who is that girl she's perfect!?'
Girl 2:'I know!! I want to be like her!'
Girl 3:'guys you know she obv a JORDAN! Duhh!!'
Girl 4:'how do you know?'
Girl 3:'beause my life has just changed&the stars are shinging brighter"

Guy 1:'Who the hell is that girl!? she smoking hot!'
Guy 2:'ohh you know its just JORDAN"
Guy 3:'she can rock my world anyday!;)'
by iloveyoumorethanever! December 27, 2012
A simply amazing guy. Very family orientated and loves his family to death. He's really sweet, caring, affectionate person. Loves to give hugs and has a very charming personality. He loves to travel especially islands and he loves water activities. Can make you fall in love with him in precisely 8 days. Has the hottest tan and such an amazing smile! Jordan plays soccer and has a HOT body. He's really friendly and a person you could never forget.
His personality reeally got to me and made me want to know more about him: He is SUCH a Jordan !
by Beeach_Baabe January 15, 2012
The most amazing guy on the face of the earth . The guy that I've fallen deeply in love with. He's sweet, kind, heartfelt, amazing, and sensitive. He's always there for me and I can depend on him. My everything. The best boyfriend a girl could have. Cute, has an amazing body. I'm so lucky to have a Jordan
Girl 1- See That Guy Over There, Holding That Girl's Hand ?
Girl 2- Yeah ?
Girl 1- She's Pretty Lucky, Cause That's A Jordan.
by timetofakeasmileee June 25, 2011
Jordan is a guy that is sweet and kind and caring. He has a bit of a temper at times.. But overall he's a best friend and is always there. He's funny and is sure to make you laugh and cheer you up. He's a bit of a clutz. Kinda maybe is cute Xp. He loves the fandom he's in. He's been through a lot that he should've never gone through and has an unneeded low self esteem. He's a guy that's gonna accomplish great things someday and can do anything he sets his mind to.
Jordan is a best friend.
For sure.
by Shhhhhbleh June 27, 2013
Jordan in most cases is describe as the most perfect male specimen that was ever created, however when Jordan refers to a female it's astonishing how perfect this girl is. She is beautiful but she doesn't know it, which shows how much she is not a self centered bitch... She smart and very elecqintly spoken, very hard worker and has all this potential in life... An amazing friend that will always have your back even if your 100% wrong and you never ever have to worry about running her mouth because she will take anything you say to the grave... Jordan is a extremely funny person and is a huge smartass which is perfect because she can give shit back to anyone anytime and anywhere,,,, basically a goddess to men and an awesome friend to women..... If you are not a Jordan you sure wish you were!
Gary: omg look at that girl
Peter: yeah she is beautiful
Gary: I'm going to spit some game at that Jordan
Peter: I called dibs

Gary: snooze you lose

A few minutes later....
Peter: how did it go with the Jordan
Gary: funny thing is that's her name
by Eggplanteater69 June 13, 2013
An extremely sassy girl. She always has her sassy pants on.
Person 1: Stop being such a Jordan.

Person 2: But that's who I am!
by Finaynay December 06, 2012
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