The act of being stupid or idiotic to attract attention to ones' self. See also stupid and baboon face.
"Stop being such a johnson!"
by Slyduck May 23, 2005
Ve cut it off.

(I say, "Ve cut off your Johnson!")

Zen ve stomp on it and sqvish it.
"I need my fucking Johnson."
"What do you need that for, Dude?"
by Memphis Jay March 07, 2008
A black man's penis/dong/wang/dick/knob/trunk/hose

A Johnson must be very long.
"Yo nigga! Put chow Johnson away!"

"Sorry lady, I didn't know you could see ma Johnson"
by Mishal May 11, 2005
a term that is used as a nickname for a black person. It's most commonly heard in the mid-atlantic region of the US.
"I don't want to get shot by these johnsons"
by dohc November 03, 2006
Someone who sucks the sperm out of the penis and blows it back into the male's rectum.
I don't know what happened last night but i think i pulled a johnson.

Man, my breath stinks. Do you think giving that johnson caused it?
by Matt Saus March 05, 2007
A word that describes absolutely anything
"That johnson over there looks like a good place to eat"
(In reference to a park bench) "we can take seat on that johnson right there"
by Odulya Like Semin April 14, 2015

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