the name of a swag snake
"And what's his name?"
"His name's Johnson. Do you wanna hold my Johnson?"
by gh17 August 31, 2011
1.A person who is an asshole
2.A big dick
Kid 1: That is the dumbest shirt I've ever seen!
Kid 2: Stop being such a Johnson!
by Buffalo Johnson September 16, 2012
Sargeant Major A. J. Johnson is even more badass than the Master Chief. He is the very meaning of badass.
" 'Johnson. As long as this lasts?' Jilan (his commanding officer) grabbed his hand and wrapped it around her chest. 'At ease.' " -Contact Harvest
"I would have been your daddy, but the dog beat me over the fence." - Sergeant Johnson
by WhatsInAName??? June 07, 2010
To get high.
Dude I just johnsoned.

I johnson and drive all the time.

He just out-johnsoned me!

She johnsons like a maniac and drinks like a psycho.
by AdamShitz May 12, 2011
A man who spends all day sucking on protein shakes which have left him with a shrivelled cock. Lips bigger than average. May have spent time in Ireland filming gay porn.
Well he's a nice bloke...shame he's a Johnson...
by Ivebeenrustied February 27, 2010
Group of guys in Norther Wisconsin that think too highly of themselves and too poorly of others. They often travel in packs, letting everybody know when they have arrived to a party. They like to think that they are good at every activity they take part in simple because they are "Johnsons." Refer to everybody that is not a Johnson as a "Chach." Often times, these Chachs are better at the activities the Johnsons believe themselves to be so great at, but since they are Johnsons, they automatically make fun of the Chachs.
During a game of beer pong:
"Ha! Nice shot, fucking Chach. Too bad you aren't a Johnson."
by Cakes1988 December 23, 2008
a word to describe a little penis
-Why do they call him Mr. Johnson?

-Because he has a small penis apparently.
by Ashlilly August 23, 2009

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