A word that describes absolutely anything
"That johnson over there looks like a good place to eat"
(In reference to a park bench) "we can take seat on that johnson right there"
by Odulya Like Semin April 14, 2015
the act of scraping marijuana resin out of smoking peice in a fiendish way.
Zach and Evan ran out of bud, and decided to Johnson a bowl for a quick high.
by fnapgnbsrg April 05, 2013
the name of a swag snake
"And what's his name?"
"His name's Johnson. Do you wanna hold my Johnson?"
by gh17 August 31, 2011
1.A person who is an asshole
2.A big dick
Kid 1: That is the dumbest shirt I've ever seen!
Kid 2: Stop being such a Johnson!
by Buffalo Johnson September 16, 2012
Sargeant Major A. J. Johnson is even more badass than the Master Chief. He is the very meaning of badass.
" 'Johnson. As long as this lasts?' Jilan (his commanding officer) grabbed his hand and wrapped it around her chest. 'At ease.' " -Contact Harvest
"I would have been your daddy, but the dog beat me over the fence." - Sergeant Johnson
by WhatsInAName??? June 07, 2010
To get high.
Dude I just johnsoned.

I johnson and drive all the time.

He just out-johnsoned me!

She johnsons like a maniac and drinks like a psycho.
by AdamShitz May 12, 2011
A man who spends all day sucking on protein shakes which have left him with a shrivelled cock. Lips bigger than average. May have spent time in Ireland filming gay porn.
Well he's a nice bloke...shame he's a Johnson...
by Ivebeenrustied February 27, 2010

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