n. 1. slang for Penis
1.Bona Fide Ride
Step Aside My Johnson
Yes I Could In The Woods Of Wisconsin.

2. That boy has got a huge Johnson.
by Gregory Rice April 03, 2005
A word that describes absolutely anything
"That johnson over there looks like a good place to eat"
(In reference to a park bench) "we can take seat on that johnson right there"
by Odulya Like Semin April 14, 2015
the act of scraping marijuana resin out of smoking peice in a fiendish way.
Zach and Evan ran out of bud, and decided to Johnson a bowl for a quick high.
by fnapgnbsrg April 05, 2013
n: A generic word for almost any person place or thing.
1.: He passed me that johnson that was over there.

2.: Yo dawg, pass me the johnsons.
by jimbo23 August 25, 2005
Old word for penis
His Johnson was hanging out
The baby showed everyone his johnsom
by Crazydude108 October 02, 2015
Sargeant Major A. J. Johnson is even more badass than the Master Chief. He is the very meaning of badass.
" 'Johnson. As long as this lasts?' Jilan (his commanding officer) grabbed his hand and wrapped it around her chest. 'At ease.' " -Contact Harvest
"I would have been your daddy, but the dog beat me over the fence." - Sergeant Johnson
by WhatsInAName??? June 07, 2010
To get high.
Dude I just johnsoned.

I johnson and drive all the time.

He just out-johnsoned me!

She johnsons like a maniac and drinks like a psycho.
by AdamShitz May 12, 2011
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