1. In Medieval Times, the last name Johnson meant John's son so if you were James Johnson, you were James and your father's name was John.

2. Nowadays a Johnson is slang for a man's penis. When I seek a man's penis, I call it a dick or a cock because Johnson can be misinterpreted; plus dick and cock sounds sexier.
1.) Oh I know James Johnson, he's John's son.

2.) I was fooling around with this guy and when I asked him to put his Johnson in my pussy he was confused so I told him it meant his cock.
by pinkladys96 April 15, 2009

On of the two basic types of people in the world. Johnsons are decent people that generally mind their own business but are always ready to offer help to anyone who needs it without judgment or reservation.
An expression first used by Jack Black in the memoir “You Can’t Win” and later referenced in the novels of William S. Burroughs. See also: Johnsons and Shits and Johnsons.
by William Lee January 23, 2004
1.A dick
2.Your penis
My johnson was so far up her pussy last night.
That MILF makes my johnson rock hard
by TerminalNig August 20, 2011
Old word for penis
His Johnson was hanging out
The baby showed everyone his johnsom
by Crazydude108 October 02, 2015
A man's penis, no matter what the size.
Long Dong Silver: Man, you have a tiny johnson.
by Dave111 July 14, 2005
n: A generic word for almost any person place or thing.
1.: He passed me that johnson that was over there.

2.: Yo dawg, pass me the johnsons.
by jimbo23 August 25, 2005
the act of scraping marijuana resin out of smoking peice in a fiendish way.
Zach and Evan ran out of bud, and decided to Johnson a bowl for a quick high.
by fnapgnbsrg April 05, 2013

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