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To be cunningly ripped off or taken advantage of.
heads or tails? you have been johnsoned
by edwrai January 18, 2011
=getting slammed in the anus!
i was out wit my boy pat bainer and he johnson'ed that bitch..
by carl j sanders January 24, 2009
When a group loses majority status in an organizational body due to a member's sudden death or incapacitating health condition.
Dude, the tenors in the community choir got johnsoned after Mr. Howard got angina.

The Senate democrats might get johnsoned because of whats-his-face.
by Indefinido December 15, 2006
Johnsoned: As in a Johnson (cock, penis or dick). When you have a conversation with someone who's a massive cock.
Rod: Alright Dave. How are you? My heads wrecked, I've just spoke to Antony. He doesn't half chat shit.

Dave: I'm not bad Rod. It sounds like you've been Johnsoned though. Let's go for a beer, it's know to cure people who've been Johnsoned.
by Easy Ezz April 22, 2016
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