Words can not describe how amazing johnny is. He is a sexy hot hansom attractive sexual cute sweet amazing nice kind caring and much much much more. he is an amazing kisser. someone you don't wanna stop kissing. you would kiss him instead of breathing. someone who is the best boyfriend ever. you will make you feel like a princess and the only girl in the world. he is not afraid to kiss u in front of anyone. wants to show u off to his friends. if u are having a bad day will hold you in his arm and not let you go. will make you feel happy no matter what mood your in. he will put up with you when you are pmsing. just the most amazing guy in the world someone you would be lucky to have. someone you don't ever want to let go. there is so much more but it just wouldn't all fix even if it went on forever <3 :*
Girl one: omfg is that ur bf over there
Girl two: Yes! he is named Johnny
Girl one: you are sooo lucky you have a Johnny
Girl two:ik <3
by 1dlover11099 May 15, 2012
barrier method of contraception, used to protect against STDs especially AIDS. same thing as a condom
even though im on the pill, i still carry around johnnys in case the guy im ridin has AIDS
by sunnybitch417 December 21, 2010
Someone who becomes your closest friend that you can never let go of. Occasionally shy or insecure but pure of heart and goes beyond all standards you have for a friend. Loves you infinitely and makes sure you are always happy. One of the most trustworthy people you will ever meet make them yours or you'll regret it. Great kissers and lovers. Someone who has the whole package looks, brains AND personality! You can't stop loving this person they eventually become a part of you and you'll be so glad they did. Love this person with everything you've got and guard them well. Everyone tries to take them so be selfish
'Is that Johnny?'
"No that's my Johnny. where's yours?"
by mikkib16 January 18, 2015
A polite term for the word "penis".
Person A: "May I see your johnny?"
Person B: "Oh, sure."
Person A: "Wow, that's quite a johnny you've got there..."
Person B: "Thanks, I take pride in my johnny!"
by "That Man" February 23, 2014
A guy who all the girls in your school would die to be with. Mainly because of his looks and his personality. He's the talk of the town. You'd be the luckiest girl if he chose you out of all the others. The type of guy that'll make you speechless when he speaks. Has the coolest personality. Doesn't need to try hard to be cool, he's probably the most popular guy in school. You can't hate this guy. Everyone loves him. Succeeds in everything he does. He puts the "COOL" in everything.
girl 1: "Dude. i saw the cutest guy!"
girl 2: "Let me guess, Johnny?"
girl 1: "Yeah! He's sooo COOL!"
by coolioflow23 November 18, 2012
The coolest fucking guy you will ever meet. He tends to be really good at guitar and singing, and is highly attractive.
You will fall in love with him the first hour you talk to him. You will miss him everyday you aren't with him. He will be shyly cute and will be
And you know he'll die at 27 years old.
"Johnny is so hot... he plays guitar and sings so damn well! I really wish I had kissed him.."
by swagmasteryolo April 08, 2013
sexiest man alive. he is also one bad muthfuka. he is to hot to handle but can wreck a chick like there is no tomorrow. He is very good at making laser sounds. pretty much Johnny is the greatest muthafuka you will ever meet.
wow Johnny is a cool cat!
by rich homie jy March 27, 2015

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