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The word Johnny can be used to desribe one (mostly male) who atracts a wide range of females with the slightest chance of ever being turned down. A Johnny is an Ultra Pimp, a Mack Daddy; an Alpha Male
"Say Tom, will you have a look at those group of females touching that Johnny S crotch area!" "He atracts them with little to no problems at all!"
by Wiliam Brigsby April 23, 2006
11 10
Can't be trusted. Will backstab you when you least expect it.
I trusted you Johnny..
by Soloputin May 01, 2013
6 6
A guy you might grow up with and hangout at eachother houses or go to places but then when you get older he starts to change into a A-hole and stops talking to you. You text him/call him and he replys a stupid/mean saying or text back.
Caden: (text) "Hey man whats up"
John: (text back) "heard bro died lol"
Caden: (text) "wtf, not funny johnny"
by Caden Parker December 01, 2012
4 5
Johnny-the best boyfriend ever !
Talented,Funny,smart,brave,awesome smile,and very good looking, x
Frm.Rochelle x (:
johnny is a very good friend and boyfriend
by Rochellexxxxxx November 26, 2010
52 53
The guy you call when your stumped as to why people in Spain party all day and all night! He also acts as a good human verbal punching bag.
Hot Chick with a nasel accent : "Johnny, why are all these Spanish people still partying its like 11am!?"

Johnny: (Thought in head- Bitches be crazzzy) ...

Hot Chick: "Johnnny! What the Fuck!"

Johnny: ....
by Boardingtodeath January 10, 2012
3 8
Bestist friend ever! I love him so much ^^
Johnny's the besterist!!! i wuv u!! <3 ^^
by Maddi Anne June 26, 2009
243 250
Verb: To excrete semen from one's penis. Noun: Jizz, Semen
Oh babe. I wanna Johnny all over you.
by Thadus June 29, 2011
5 13