the most amazing and wonderful man in the world. also the best husband. the sexiest man alive. the only one i want to be with for the rest of my life. the one whose last name i have. the one whose brown hair, blue eyes, and tan skin makes you fall in love instantly. the only one i love! forever and ever babe!
GIRL- Omg!!! Who is that casanova??
ME- Um, excuse me? You better back off, because that's Johnny, my husband! Gosh I'm so glad he's mine forever!
by his_wifey_forever<3 March 16, 2010
Pocket(pair in the hole) Jacks as a starting hand on Texas hold'em poker
He went all in with the Johnnys but was called by a guy with Aces. Unlucky!
by JKitsos December 14, 2008
A guy you might grow up with and hangout at eachother houses or go to places but then when you get older he starts to change into a A-hole and stops talking to you. You text him/call him and he replys a stupid/mean saying or text back.
Caden: (text) "Hey man whats up"
John: (text back) "heard bro died lol"
Caden: (text) "wtf, not funny johnny"
by Caden Parker December 01, 2012
Can never shut up, always blabbers about things no one but him cares about, and is a complete asshole!!! If you met anyone named johnny, slap him and kick him in the guts!!!!
Johnny: OMG OMG guess what i got you as a person who cares for me the most on fb
Me: so...
Johnny: that means that we are best friends (tries to hug me)
Me: F*CK off (kick him in the guts)
by Liferuiner100 October 17, 2014
Can't be trusted. Will backstab you when you least expect it.
I trusted you Johnny..
by Soloputin May 01, 2013
1. A name for a man who has to compensate for having a small penis by trying to get a shitty Honda to go fast 2. A man who spends most of his days trolling for girls in his shitty Honda at local JR. High schools 3. A man who is secretly gay
That guy is acting like a real Johnny
by Youknowwhokakar February 11, 2014
The guy you call when your stumped as to why people in Spain party all day and all night! He also acts as a good human verbal punching bag.
Hot Chick with a nasel accent : "Johnny, why are all these Spanish people still partying its like 11am!?"

Johnny: (Thought in head- Bitches be crazzzy) ...

Hot Chick: "Johnnny! What the Fuck!"

Johnny: ....
by Boardingtodeath January 10, 2012

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