barrier method of contraception, used to protect against STDs especially AIDS. same thing as a condom
even though im on the pill, i still carry around johnnys in case the guy im ridin has AIDS
by sunnybitch417 December 21, 2010
the most amazing and wonderful man in the world. also the best husband. the sexiest man alive. the only one i want to be with for the rest of my life. the one whose last name i have. the one whose brown hair, blue eyes, and tan skin makes you fall in love instantly. the only one i love! forever and ever babe!
GIRL- Omg!!! Who is that casanova??
ME- Um, excuse me? You better back off, because that's Johnny, my husband! Gosh I'm so glad he's mine forever!
by his_wifey_forever<3 March 16, 2010
The horny bastard who would fuck anything. Thats right, he would fuck a fish.
Johnny needs to get his dong chopped off
by SickFiend June 04, 2016
A pretty cool guy that has a penis sticker on everything. Dates really short girls that dance and sucks at csgo.
Penis as small as his ex. RACIST AF
Tati: Hey Johnny!
Johnny: Fuk off nigger

Ethan: *coughs*
Johnny: you sound like a nigger
by Ethin July 11, 2016
Short male with short temper sometimes confused with a baby hippo
Don't be a johnny
by Jay romell June 10, 2016
The cutest most sweetest boy ever so loving and caring will go through anything to be with u always use really cheesy sayings but it all worth it in the end they aren't hard to get and aren't f*ckboy
Girl :look at the beautiful sunset

Johnny : it's actually really nice

Girl : Iknow wow

Johnny: but not has beautiful has u
by The girl he runs back too July 11, 2016
Commonly used in Philly when describing a stolen car
You see rell in that Benz? Yea but don't get in its a Johnny bro
by Philly Philly June 06, 2015
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