(n.) Street name for the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) drug ritalin (methylphenidate) that is commonly used as an alertness aid for both partying and studying. Named in honor of the late actor John Ritter.
Phil: Hey Wendy, are we going to tear it up tonight?
Wendy: Of course! I took a johnny, so I'll be dancing till dawn!
Phil: Awesome! Me too!

Wendy: Hey Phil, did you finish that big term paper in time?
Phil: Yeah, no problem! I took a johnny and cranked all night.
by Wendy and Phil January 13, 2007
Johnny: The sweetest, most caring, down-to-earth guy you could meet. He has the most beautiful eyes and a smile that can brighten your day in seconds. When you're bothered or upset, he'll know and he'll be there to help. He'll hold you in his arms and it'll just be the most comforting feeling in the world. He's chivalrous and knows how to treat a woman. He's the best guy any girl could ask for and when he's found one, he'll stick to just her. He doesn't look around for other girls when he has once and he'll remind you of that constantly and always tell you how beautiful you are. He'll put you first before his friends and he'll want to be with you any free time that he has. He'll treat you like a queen, not a princess, but a queen! He's honest and trustworthy and he's not you're average guy; He's better! He's perfection! If you find yourself a Johnny then you're one lucky girl! But if you find yourself my Johnny... well too bad because the best boyfriend anyone could ask for his taken! And it'd be stupid to let him go.
I love you! <3
Cheyenne: "I don't want to meet your mom yet! I look horrible!"
Johnny: "No you don't. You always look beautiful. Even when you're bumming it you look beautiful."
by Cheyenne :) September 10, 2013
A johnny or johny is a term used to describe a condom.
I will only let you dip your stick if you use a johnny.
by muffindamule October 05, 2006
Johnny's are good looking business men with glowing jaw lines. Johnny's are rare to come across and can be unsocial making them invisible to the human eye.
I was impressed by my friends eyesight. He was able to spot the johnny walking like a business man in the crowd of people
by Kenny Robbers December 15, 2010
A gamer that if u saw on the street would be an averagely good-looking guy but when he gets home he plays non-stop video games.
Hey lets go hang out with eric today. " woah dude!" Hes more of aJohnny. "I woulda never known."
by liljohnny April 13, 2010
barrier method of contraception, used to protect against STDs especially AIDS. same thing as a condom
even though im on the pill, i still carry around johnnys in case the guy im ridin has AIDS
by sunnybitch417 December 21, 2010
The word Johnny can be used to desribe one (mostly male) who atracts a wide range of females with the slightest chance of ever being turned down. A Johnny is an Ultra Pimp, a Mack Daddy; an Alpha Male
"Say Tom, will you have a look at those group of females touching that Johnny S crotch area!" "He atracts them with little to no problems at all!"
by Wiliam Brigsby April 23, 2006

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