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a person who is an incompetent fool, lacks all common sense, and is just an overall idiot.
You're such a johnny, Look at those johnnies
by fester_rd August 01, 2011
1. As a brother: an ignorant, inconsiderate little brat
2. As a person: annoying at first sight
1. Johnny causes all of my stress, from school to my home
2. When I first saw Johnny, I assumed he was a Sp. Ed student.
by PCCF67 October 25, 2011
A condom, sometimes already used.
Let me use your johnny.
by Nick Badash January 05, 2009
Usually a queer who thinks he is the shit, but is actually quite immature and tells stories about himself that never actually happened. He is usually skinny and complains about his various fake diseases that "don't allow" him to be good at anything. By the age of 18 a Johnny is most likely still a virgin and always talks about how he always hooks up with chicks, when he is actually hooking up with men. All and all, a Johnny is not a good person to be.
Will: "Dude that guy's stories are so fucking fake"

George: "I know. What a Johnny"
by SexyBeastYourSister69 January 12, 2012
A retarded piece of fag...Likes it up his ass..Likes to sit on the toilet and take a nice big shit. Likes to give B.j's to other men, such as a guy names Andy. .Dislikes vagina..But doesn't admit it.
Wow, that guy is totaly Johnny.
by Haley7896 February 26, 2012
a stupid buttface with a really small weiner
Your name wouldn't happen to be johnny would it.
by big dick 66 December 07, 2010
a guy who is small and a total dick. loves to make girls feel bad and stalks them. acts like a douchebag when his friends are around and doesnt care if hes mean. has a huge temper that will make him get his ass kicked someday. short. ugly. freaking weird. and is extremely cocky for no reason.
girl 1: you know that guy who called me a bitch?
girl2: yeahhh
girl1: yupp hes a johnny..
girl2: definantly!
by agirliknow December 22, 2010