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A fictional story that the author believes to be true.
Joe: Did you hear about the time I ran out of gas going up a hill so I turned around and coasted down to a gas station.

Listener: That sounds like a Joe story to me.

Joe: Did you hear about the time I got pulled over by a cop speeding while drunk and he let me off by giving him a cigarette he saw on my dash?

Listener: Nice Joe Story.
by CCBJoe January 20, 2010
joe stories are:
A) those which cannot realistically be duplicated by other people;
B) those which seem to be made up entirely unless you know joe; and
C) a never-fail icebreaker
Matt: "Plans tonight?"
Ben: "Let's tell joe stories! Have you heard the one about the pie plate?"
by t-pow February 08, 2010
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