something retarded new englander's call sprinkles.

It sadly tends to result in social maladaptivity, a false sense of pride. And often debate. Something has to soothe Tom Brady fans when he loses in the playoffs. Or grows his hair into an ugly mess
Person 1 Hey, can I get some jimmies on that?
Person 2 *Punches New Englander

(They start crying about 19-1 and other nonsense like that.)
by Poopy Mc Poopy July 28, 2011
A person who ditches you for the person he has a crush on.
Person 1: Yo aren't you hanging out with Bob?
Person 2: Nah man. he went to hang out with Christine, you know the one he's obsessed with.
Person 1: What a Jimmy move!
by JustOffNewGoo December 12, 2009
Something you put on yogurt.
"I got jimmies"
by TheWiggidy October 11, 2003
A slang term for slut. Derived from a boy who had a good heart but was a manwhore. Often a joking term for slut, not a hateful one.
"Did you see him talking to that girl? She was ALL over him..."
"He can't help it. He's such a jimmy."
by 949494lovahhhh October 16, 2009
Flaccid Dick often mistaken with jimmy hat which means condom.or stiff jimmy which is an erect dick
Man you got to cheer up that Jimmy
Omg did your jimmy just smile at me!!
by originaljimmeh May 10, 2008
Jimmy is the verb for ur imagination, if u cant think of the right verb Jimmy goes in its place.
'im feeling a bit jimmy, so im just gonna jimmy on down to the shops for a quick jimmy'
by Jamie987 February 14, 2008
A condom or condom like item.
hey u got a jimmy? imma bang this chick real quick?
by Blinkster1 November 09, 2007

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