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pajamas you wear out, especially to a tool concert. or you can wear these pajamas while at home.
Are you going to wear your jimmies?
by stormhole truckers December 26, 2011
5 16
The unfortunate byproduct of flatulence during oral sex. Jimmies are a coating of shit particles resembling confectionery sprinkles that result when the receiver of oral sex lays a wet and juicy fart on the giver during the oral sex act.

Depending on the partner with flatulence and any prior sexual acts performed prior to the oral sex, the Jimmies may be of the "chocolate" variety, ie, plain shit; or, if there has been a disturbance to the colon and/or rectum, the Jimmies may be of the "rainbow" variety, ie, red, white and various combinations thereof.
Dude, I was going down on my old lady the other day and she pelted me with with a shot of Jimmies.
by GB2000 March 08, 2010
21 32
To move something into positiion.
Hey steve, why don't you jimmy the couch a little to the left.
by NakedJosh June 19, 2005
45 56
trousers that are too short for the wearer resulting in skin being visible above the socks.
"ahhhh Jimmy jackups, Edwards trouser are too short hahaha!"

"Buy some new trousers, them jimmys are a little like shorts"
by rick oli August 09, 2005
9 21
Pittsburguese for candy sprinkles which are placed on top of ice cream.
Hughie asked for jimmies on top of his ice cream sunday.
by Patrick Judge October 28, 2004
30 42
Slang for testicles
Getting kicked in the JIMMIES really hurts.
by lilshawn June 14, 2004
25 37
1. A feeling of paranoia - synonym of willies

2. The intense creepy feeling you get when you hear something that wigs you out.
1. I don' like spiders, they give me the jimmies.

2. She can't stop movin', it's like she has the jimmies or something.

3. The story was so scary, I had the jimmies all the way home.
by Joe October 07, 2004
17 30